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Hello and welcome fellow adventurers! I’m Cheryl and I’m glad you stumbled upon our little piece of the web. The AdventureDawgs are all about getting outside of the box and having more life adventures. I will show you how with the right budgeting, planning, and minimizing, you can live the fullest most adventurous life.You will be amazed how with a few tricks and changes in your life how much you can add to it.


Have More Life Adventures by Busting Out of the Box!

Are you a Gen-Xer or Millennial who is tired of buying into the “American Dream”? You know the one where you work hard through your youth to hopefully “retire” past your prime? That is definitely NOT what I want. If want to break out of the box of working for someone else’s gain, join us as we learn and grow together. Everyday will be a step closer to the freedom of working for yourself and doing something you love. I’d love to have you follow along on the journey to financial freedom and full time travel!


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