Why “The Adventure Dawgs”?


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”

– William Shakespeare

The first thing you may be wondering is why the “Adventure Dawgs”? Have you ever tried to come up with a blog name? I think it’s got to be one of the most difficult parts of starting a blog! You spend forever brainstorming to come up with something creative, short, and catchy, only to discover maybe it wasn’t so original after all as it’s already being used.

Names are such an important thing, be it your baby’s name or your blog (This is our creative “baby” after all). There is great power and promise in a name.

My family and I are originally from Southwest Georgia, although we now live in South Carolina. Being from South Georgia farming communities, our blood runs red and black as we are die hard University of Georgia Bulldawg fans (everyone in Georgia knows that dog is spelled D A W G). For those of you who don’t know, football (especially college) in the south is practically a religion. There is a reason why southern football stadiums hold 90,000 plus fans! A lot of our travel is also football related, be it watching football in the campgrounds at our RV, or attending the games. We also travel most of the time with our crazy dog Scout, so there you have the “Dawgs”.




an exciting or very unusual experience.


participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises:

the spirit of adventure.


As you will soon find out, our life is absolutely the definition of adventure. The Adventure Dawgs are always looking for exciting and unusual experiences. In my family, we make the most of every minute and live life to the fullest. We travel as much as possible and are always hearing “You guys never stay home!” Not if we can help it! We are always looking for the next adventure no matter how long or short. At any given time you can find us camping, hiking, white water rafting, or hot air ballooning (Is that a word, ballooning? I guess it is now! haha)

If you are an adventurer, or want to become one, follow along with us and learn how you can make every day an adventure!

Live Your Adventure!


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