Unleash Your AdventureDawg with NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food!

NomNomNow Dog Food Review Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our NomNomNow dog food review. Scout has been eating NomNomNow fresh dog food for 2 weeks. Read on to find out how NomNomNow Dog Food can help you Unleash Your AdventureDawg! If you missed the first post, you can read it here to get caught up.

This is a sponsored post. We were provided with one month of NomNomNow dog food and monetary compensation for an honest review of the product. We only recommend products we use and love. For more info, please read our Disclosure.

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AdventureDawgs Need to Be Healthy

It’s hard to be an Adventuredawg when you have dry itchy skin. You can’t concentrate on that hike when you’re itching. An AdventureDawg also needs fur to protect their skin when on an adventure. Scout’s instinct to lick places that are uncomfortable and itch causes patches where fur doesn’t grow. Bummer!

Scout was a sad, itchy puppy before he started eating NomNomNOw fresh dog food.
Sad, itchy puppy…

Scout has very sensitive skin that tends to run on the dry side. Before feeding him NomNomNow dog food, we supplemented with fish oil on his kibble. I decided to stop the supplements for the first month of NomNomNow dog food, so we could really see if it made a difference.

Nutrition You Can See with NomNomNow Dog Food

Let me tell you a little about NomNomNow dog food. NomNomNow started in 2015 and they’re located in Oakland, CA. All of their food is sourced and prepared in the US. AdventureDawgs support local businesses and love that we can do that even with our dog food!

All NomNomNow dog food is human grade, fresh dog food. It is prepared and portioned by hand weekly in their licensed kitchen. They prepare it just like you would, if you only had the time. How can you beat feeding your dog healthy, fresh dog food without all the hard work of preparing it?

Additionally, NomNomNow dog food is veterinarian formulated. Dr. Justin Shmalberg is one of the top pet nutritionists in the country. He certifies all of NomNomNow’s recipes.

What a Difference Fresh Makes

It is amazing what a difference a fresh diet can make! After just one week, Scout’s coat was noticeably shinier. He also seemed to have even more energy than usual. Our happy pup has always been excited for meal time. Since he has been eating NomNomNow, he is always ready to eat! I was blown away by the changes we saw in only one week.

Scouts sits impatiently waiting for his NomNomNow fresh dog food.
Please can I have my NomNomNOW!

NomNomNow Dog Food Week 2

Baby Soft with NomNomNow Dog Food

By week 2, Scout’s coat was shining like a new penny! He was also even more cuddly than usual because his coat was so soft. Best of all, Scout was no longer licking and scratching. He started getting his fur back in his previously bare, itchy places.

Energy Soars to New Heights on NomNomNow!

Our sweet Scout is going be one of those dogs who stays a puppy for a long time, and we are totally ok with that. He just turned three and still has very high energy. Before NomNomNow Dog Food, I would have said he couldn’t get any more energetic. Oh, how wrong I was!

Yum, Scout licks his lips ready to get his NomNomNow fresh dog food!

By Scout’s second week of eating NomNomNow dog food, he had the energy to spare. I’m not saying he was hyper or crazy, just that he was noticeably more efficient. He appeared more muscular and toned. Our AdventureDawg was a finely tuned athletic machine thanks to his NomNomNow.

Happiness Abounds

When you feel good, it just seems to ooze out of you. Since we’ve been using NomNomNow dog food, Scout just exudes vitality and happiness. We no longer have pouty episodes. Our sweet boy is now a bouncing bundle of joy and excitement. This is especially true at meal time, lol.

Scout goes for the bowl before we can set it down , he wants his NomNomNow fresh dog food.
I can’t wait!

Scout’s Dawg House: NomNomNow Dog Food Week 2

Guess what? Remember that big box of special food I got a little while ago? There was a whole bunch of food in there and I’m still getting to eat it! I can’t wait til it’s time to eat. I just get so excited. Sometimes, I go and lick my empty bowl hoping there some I missed. 

I’m not itching anymore either. I can enjoy my walks and hikes so much now because I’m not thinking about itching. Feeling better means I can go on even more adventures. I even went swimming the other day! Dad also took me kayaking, which was really fun. I can’t wait to try it again.

Scout unleashes his inner Adventuredawg with NomNomNow Fresh dog food!
Unleash Your AdventureDawg!

Mom says I’m so soft and shiny too. I’ve always been handsome and popular with the ladies, but nothing like I am now! I really look like I’m wearing a tuxedo now that my coat shines so much. The ladies love it and so do I.

AdventureDawg Unleashed

Thanks to NomNomNow dog food, it has really unleashed our AdventureDawg! It is astonishing how much of a difference the fresh dog food has made. Scout is in tip top shape and health, which is the most important thing to us as pet parents. We want to keep him as vibrant and active for as long as we can.

Stay tuned for the third and final post where we give you our final thoughts from our NomNomNow Dog Food review.

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Unleash the AdventureDawg with NomNomNow fresh dog food.

Unleash your AdventureDawg with NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food

Wanna Unleash Your AdventureDawg? Give NomNomNow Dog Food a try!


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