Ultimate Guys Getaway: The Final Chapter

A Hard ride is a coming!!


It was going to be our last day out in the west so might as well make it a great one.  The day started out bright and early as kickstands were up at 7 am.  We headed next door to fuel up and get a great breakfast of doughnuts and coffee at the gas station since Whiskey Pete’s (see previous post) was not going to happen that morning.

We headed out on I -15 going west toward Baker, CA and guess what we had…… more wind!  We rolled into Baker, home to the world’s tallest thermometer. We found this on Roadside America the guide to uniquely odd tourist attractions. We use this regularly to see some obscure things while on an adventure.

The Road Hippo cruising down CA Hwy 127 toward Death Valley National Park on the final leg of the adventuredawgs motorcycle roadtrip.
The Road Hippo!
The Road Dawg Tom heads down CA Hwy 127 to Death Valley on the final leg of the adventuredawgs motorcycle roadtrip.
Tom, the Road Dawg!

Heading out on CA Hwy 127 to Shoshone California on the adventuredawgs guys motorcycle roadtrip final leg to Death Valley National Park.


Great Desert Views and an ABC Stop

Next we headed north on Hwy 127 toward Shoshone.  Hwy 127 is an awesome open road with very little traffic through the desert with some great views of the mountains off to the west. As you can see by the picture it is a great time to take some pictures while cruising along on the bikes.  We started getting into some sand dune areas and Borax fields entering into Shoshone. John belongs to HOG and every year does the ABC’s of touring. We found ourselves in Inyo County, and since I letters are very hard to come by, so we took some pictures. Another letter checked off the list!

Once again we were at a gas station and should of taken a word of advice from the 3:10 to Yuma blog and filled up. No, we had a half a tank which should get us to Death Valley and back…

* Travel Tip: When traveling in the western portion of the US, destinations are farther apart then you think. When you get the chance to gas up, do it! Especially if you’re on a motorcycle.

Entering Death Valley National Park

We headed up to Hwy 190 and turned to go toward Death Valley NP, if you are headed into Death Valley do yourself a great favor and go in from this direction.  This is one of the most scenic and enjoyable rides I have taken out west. You could just imagine being on a Conestoga wagon headed toward the coast.

The adventuredawgs guys roll down CA Hwy 127 toward Shoshone CA on the final leg of their motorcycle trip to Death Valley.
CA Hwy 127 rolling into Death Valley National Park

First you are going through flat desert land and pass the Death Valley National Park sign. Surprisingly, the visitor center is another 50 miles past this sign!  You then get into some nice rolling hills before you enter the mountain range that offers some spectacular views of the valley below. The road descends into Death Valley then flattens out.  You would think that it would be best to just cut a straight shot across the desert floor, but the road actually curves back and forth from the mountain edge back into the desert much like a snake searching its prey.  If you are on a motorcycle keep in mind this is desert and the road has a lot of loose sand everywhere. It is flat with no banking, which could lead to a hard fall.  We did manage to kept them upright.  I will have a later post on Death Valley NP and what we done while we were there.

Death Valley NP Signt the Death Valley National Park Sign on their motorcycle roadtrip.
Death Valley National Park
The adventuredawgs guys on CA Hwy 127 on the final leg of their motorcycle roadtrip to Death Valley National Park.
Or not!

Supply and Demand

We went on over to the visitors center to cool off a bit, even though it was only 91 degrees that day.  After looking around and getting our Passport Books stamped, we returned to the bikes and realized we did not have enough gas to get back to Shoshone, The good part is there is a gas station by the RV park. The bad part is, they can charge what they want. Where else are you going to go?  So $3.45 a gallon later, we were back on the road to Shoshone.  The ride back up into the mountains is just as great as the ride in.

Supply and demand at the gas pumps at Death Valley National Park.
Should have followed out own travel tips!

Returning to Shoshone, CA

We found ourselves back in Shoshone around mid-afternoon so we decided we might as well stop in at the Crowbar Café and saloon. Since it was a Saturday, the place was really busy. It was mostly other bikers stopping in for a cold one and a bite to eat.  That is always a good sign. We took a seat at the counter and waited for the server to take our order, I looked at the beer menu and found a Lobotomy Bock. Of course, I had try this by the name alone.  It turned out to be a really good beer.  I settled on a club sandwich and potato salad (almost as good as Cheryl’s) for lunch.

A club sandwich and croissant with potato salad at the Crowbar Cafe in Shoshone, CA on out guys motorcycle roadtrip.

Washing the dust out of our mouths with a obotomy Bock at the Crowbar Cafe in Shoshone, CA on our guys mototrcycle roadtrip.
Washing the dust out of our mouths.

Bellies are Full, Let’s Saddle Up!

We were back on the bikes with a full stomach and headed out of town toward Baker then on to Phoenix.  The ride on back to Phoenix was a long one from Death Valley but well worth it.  We traveled out toward Searchlight, Nevada then south to Lake Havasu City, where I saw a gorgeous Arizona sunset.  From there on to Wickenburg, AZ and back in to John’s house in Glendale.  We rode hard the last day,  659 mile! The weekend total was 1513 miles in four days, but I wouldn’t trade the seat time for anything in the world.  We rolled into John’s around 10:00 pm with just enough time for a shower and to pack. After that, it was on to the airport for the 1 am red eye back to the East Coast.

The adventuredawgs guys catch a beautiful sunset over Death Valley at the conclusion of their motorcyle roadtrip.
Western sunsets
The mileage for the last day of the adventuredawgs guys motorcycle roadtrip, 659 miles!
What a ride!
Total Trip Mileage for the adventuredawgs guys motorcycle roadtrip through the southwestern US!
Ran it to an oil change!

An Unforgettable Adventure

It was unforgettable 4 days of adventure and getting to spend it with my brother on the bikes made it all that much more spectacular.  I can’t wait to see what we have in store for the guys ride in 2017.  Hope you all enjoyed reading about the adventure as much as I did reliving it.  Make sure to follow us and read about the time we spent in Montezuma Castle National MonumentYuma Territorial Prison, Joshua Tree, Kelso Depot, and Death Valley.

The adventuredawgs guys ride their motorcycles off into the sunset, ready for the next adventure!
Ready for the next adventure!


What are some of your best Motorcycle rides and/or guys (or girls) trips? Share with us in the comments please!

Until the next trip.  Adventure On!!!


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The conclusion of the adventuredawgs guys motorcycle roadtrip to Death Valley National Park in California.

The guys stand in front of the Death Valley National Park Sign with thier motorcycles on the final lef of their guys motorcycle roadtrip.
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