Top 10 Zipline Experience: ZipQuest Fayetteville, NC

March 18, 2017

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Located in Fayetteville, NC is one of  USA Today’s Top 10 Great Ziplines! We’ve been wanting to try ziplining for a while so when Tom came across them online and saw they were running a 1/2 course special, we were in!

ZipQuest Outdoor Treetop Adventure

The property is located on scenic Carver Creek, and has been in the owner’s family for years. The creek contains Carver Falls and empties into the Cape Fear River. Thankfully they decided it was too beautiful to keep to themselves, and looked for a way to share it with everyone. Bringing in the country’s most qualified zipline contractor from Michigan, they spared no expense to ensure their guests had the best and safest experience possible. They also wanted to make sure their course was one of the best in the country and let me say they more than succeeded! They opened in 2009 and have been going strong ever since providing visitors from the Carolina’s and beyond with an incredible outdoor experience. Just one year after their opening, they were voted one of USA Today’s Top 10 Ziplines in the country. In a state that is becoming known for some pretty great ziplines, ZipQuest is a standout.

Forecast Calls for Rain

When we arrived at ZipQuest it was drizzling rain and getting harder. Thankfully, the cold weather from earlier in the week had let up and it was just cool at 62 degrees. It was warm and toasty when we stepped into the registration/gift shop. Our check in was fast and simple and all the staff is so friendly. We planned to bring our own Go Pro camera but forgot it. Luckily, we were able to rent one from ZipQuest with no problem, and I thought it was a very reasonable price at $30. That is for a 16 GB memory card that is yours to keep and records about an hour and a half of video.

They recommend that unless you’re ok with losing them, you leave your items at registration or in the car. The guides take photos and I thought the photo packages were a also great price, starting at less than $8 per person and going to less than $5.50 ea for parties of 8 or more. Everyone in the party must get the photo package but for $30 for 4 people, we felt it was more than worth it. You get the digital photos to do with them as you please and it’s a lot cheaper than replacing you cell phone! I will admit I did bring mine but I had zip pockets in my rain jacket and felt pretty safe bringing it.

The grounds are full of trails and covered picnic areas. If you’re there on a sunny day and you book the 10:30 or 11:30 a.m. trips like we did, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful wooded scenery. (If you get there way early like we also did, you can bring breakfast/brunch!) visit ZipQuest zipline adventure in Fayetteville NC - Picnic Shelter
Bring a picnic for before or after visit ZipQuest zipline adventure in Fayetteville NC - Carver River
The beautiful Carver Creek

We walked over to check out the Swing Shot, if you’re feeling “froggy” you can jump!

We were then introduced to our guides for the trip: Brian, Cassie, and Dejonne. Dejonne was still in training so she would be shadowing our group and bringing up the rear to make sure we all made it back 🙂

Our wonderful guides got our gear all laid out for us while we picked out our gloves. We all had trouble finding right hand gloves. I guess in the air you have two left hands instead of feet, lol. Sorry, no more bad jokes, I promise…maybe. visit ZipQuest zipline adventure in Fayetteville NC - Gear
Getting ready to gear up!

They got us geared up into our harnesses and helmets so we could head over to flight school! Your first zipline of the day is about 6 feet off the ground. They show you the ropes (sorry, I said “maybe”!) and you don’t get to start unless the whole party does it perfectly. You have to hand brake but the guides are awesome and patient. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but maybe that’s just our great guides and their instructions. I have height issues and this run through really relaxed me and made me feel prepared for our adventure in the trees. flight school at ZipQuest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC
The Adventuredawgs at Flight School


Best of all, the rain had stopped!

Up, Up, and Away!

As we climbed up the stairs to the first platform, Brian informed us this would be the last time our feet touched the ground until the end of the course! We took a quick “Prom Picture” for our start to be followed up by our “Graduation Photo” at the end. Here we go! at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC
Prom Pic!

Once we were all up on the platform with everyone hooked onto the tree by our harnesses, Brian explained to us about the tree hosting our first zipline. It was a pine and he told us that her sap was used to waterproof boats. Brian went first across the line so he could be there for us when we reached the other side. Tom was the first to go of the non guides so he could film the rest of us as we crossed. The worst part for me was standing on the step on the platform so I could be hooked on the line. Thank God the rain stopped, but the steps were wet and a little slippery. (I know, my phobia is weird about what kind of heights bother me 🙂 Once you’re hooked onto the line by your guides, this time Cassie, you lift up your feet and off you go. It was such an exhilarating experience! Before you know it, you’re closing in on the next platform and moving your hand to brake. I came in a little hot on the first one! Guess there’s more of a learning curve than I thought. Must have just been me because Rhiannon came in like a professional. Katelyn did have to self rescue when she came up too short though. at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC - Tom showing how it's at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC - Tom showing how it's done
Tom showing how it’s done at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC, Kate coming up short
Kate coming up short!

The next platform belonged to Kelly, a White Oak. Brian told us how they used to be made for boats but since boats were now made of metals, white oaks are primarily made for liquor barrels! Especially my favorite, bourbon! All of us 21 and up gave the tree a high five (It was only two, Tom and I). Rhiannon gave one saying she only had a couple years! Dijonne laughed and said SHE only had a couple years, Rhiannon has quite a few more than that. at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC - Rhiannon
Rhiannon doing it like a pro

Time to Leave the Bunny Slopes

The first line wasn’t bad, it was probably only about 12 feet off the ground. They were done taking it easy though. The second line was pretty long and quite a bit higher than the first. It was also really fast and so awesome!

The next platform had a spiral staircase to a second higher platform.This platform’s tree is names Consuela and she likes to dance… at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC - Consuela's Dance
Consuela’s Dance

The zip from Consuela to the next tree is 400 feet, the longest zip on the half course, and crossed the Carver Creek twice. Cassie told us that on the full course, the longest zipline is over 800 feet long.


My only real phobia moment of the day was the swing bridge. Rhiannon, Katelyn and Tom loved it. I was a little uncomfortable but liked that I was attached to a cord above me and had side cables to hold onto. I feel it’s a total win since I made it across without a panic attack. I think I’m finally conquering this fear!

We arrived at our last platform, climbed a second spiral staircase, and prepared for our final zip. Brian took some great pics, and told us we could continue on for an extra $36 each. We elected to end at the half as planned and so did S. J. and Allison. Brian, Cassie, and Dejonne thanked us all. at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC - look no hands
Look no hands!

*ZipQuest rewards repeat customers, any trip after your first, you get a $15 per person discount!

The final line brought us back to ground level so Katelyn, Tom, and I all decided to cannonball across. Brian told us this was the fastest position and we felt confident enough to try it on the last line. It was so fun! visit ZipQuest zipline adventure in Fayetteville NC - Cannonball!
Cannonball Kate! at Zipquest zipline adventure in Fayetteville, NC - grad pic
Graduation Pic!

Looking Forward to Returning

This was an incredible adventure. It is the perfect outing for families, couples, friends, even coworkers. It is a great team building experience. For those with tweens and teens, it can also be a confidence booster, which you can never have enough of during your teen years. The trip is also educational, gets you off the couch, and out into the great outdoors!

Our guides were the best. They were so fun, patient, and friendly. It also helps when you can tell that someone loves their job. They pass that passion and attitude along to everyone. visit ZipQuest zipline adventure in Fayetteville NC - Our guides
Cassie, Brian, & Dejonne, the best guides ever!

We are adventure junkies through and through and this couldn’t have been a better trip and experience. I would recommend this for anyone except for families with really small children due to the 70 pound minimum weight requirement. We have already decided we are going back for the full course. They do it at night with flashlights and we’re all interested in trying that one.

What about y’all, have you ziplined before, and if yes where? What is the most exciting adventure you’ve had? Share with us in the comments.

Thanks for joining us again and until next time,

Live Your Adventure,


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