Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Adventurous Moms

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to get going on your gift. If you’re a procrastinator like me, you’re now sweating it out. I’m here to rescue you!

I am a very adventurous mom who loves to travel and spend time outdoors. If that also sounds like your mother, this is the list for you. This is a list of items I would love to receive as a Mother’s Day or any day gift. : )

The best part about these items, you don’t have to leave your house to get them! I am so not a shopper. I hate fighting the traffic to get to the store, fight for a parking spot, then the crowds in the store! Let me save you the stress, hassle, and gas money.

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1. Kindle

I am an avid reader. I rarely get time to read at home, so trips and vacations are prime reading time. I prefer a “real” book BUT, when camping and backpacking we have to pack light. A Kindle is perfect for the mom on the go. Pair it with an Amazon Prime subscription and she will get free books to borrow, plus movies and music!

Help Mom catch up on reading while on her travel adventures with a Kindle for Mother's Day, one of top 10 gifts for adventurous moms.

2. iPad Mini

I love Apple everything. They are just so user friendly and good quality. If mom has to do a little work or play on her adventures, an iPad Mini is fits the bill. It’s light and compact. Put it in an Otterbox case and it’s sturdy enough for almost anywhere. This can also be paired with an Amazon Prime subscription for a great gift combo. Have all the kids go in together for an awesome gift. (extra props if mom is also an adventure blogger!)

3. Packing Cubes

Speaking of packing light, organization is a must. To be a master packer, you need some packing cubes. These from ebags are some of the top rated on Amazon. They are tough and roomy. There is also a limited lifetime warranty. This is a 6 cube set to cover all your packing needs. Once you go cube, you’ll never pack any other way.

 4. Backpack

Any traveler or adventurer needs a good dependable backpack. You can use it to pack carry on only, or for back country hiking. Ladies also need something that doesn’t weigh more than they do, and is comfortable. I have found a 40L pack to be the best size.

Tell Mom to take a hike for Mother's Day with a new pack, one of the top 10 gifts for adventurous moms from!

5. Hydration Pack

Moms who love to take short hikes, run, or are into cycling will need a hydration pack. We love High Sierra products and I highly recommend this pack. It is amazing how often we use our hydration packs. High Sierra is comfortable and stands up to whatever you throw at it.

6. Trekking Poles

For the Adventure Mom who has beat up her body over the years, trekking poles are a life saver! Even if you’re in excellent shape and health, these are so nice to have on a long hike, especially if elevation is involved. They are heavy duty but still lightweight. They collapse and separate down to 21″ to fit in your pack or suitcase. Do yourself a favor and invest, your knees will thank you for it later.

Help make mom's uphill climbs easier with some trekking poles for Mother's Day, one of the top 10 gifts for adventurous moms from

7. Passport Holder

Mom is usually responsible for keeping up with everything for everyone. Help her out by getting her a passport holder. It protects your personal information from theft, and has pockets to keep everything organized. You can wear it over the shoulder like a small purse, or around your neck. Bonus points for tucking it under your shirt to further conceal it! – *Travel Safety Tip

8. Go Pro Camera

As moms, we are always trying to hold onto the moment by snapping pics and video. As an Adventure Mom, it’s not always easy to do (ever try taking pics from a zip line?!). Mom will love a Go Pro Hero camera and this one is just right for a beginner. It’s also water proof!

Mom can Capture Every Moment with a GoPro Hero for Mother's Day, a top 10 gift for adventurous moms form

9. Patagonia Sweater

It’s important to keep warm on hikes, camping, and hanging by the campfire. These Patagonia Better Sweaters are incredible. They are made of mid-weight wool to keep you warm and toasty. The fit is perfect for layering. They are also made and dyed with an eco-friendly process. Get mom an incredible gift AND help the environment. Pat yourself on the back.

10. Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

Adventurous moms can end up anywhere so they always need to be prepared. This headlamp from Black Diamond will make sure they are. It’s light weight but sturdy and can survive rain and snow. It can also brush off being dropped, and is USB & AAA battery rechargeable. Hiking in a pitch black lave tube? No problem with this baby’s 130 lumens. Adventure on!

Mom can shine some light on her adventure with a headlamp for Mother's Day, one of the top 10 gifts for adventurous moms from

I hope you got some inspiration from our gift ideas. (I also hope my husband and daughter read this!) Is there anything I’ve left off? What adventurous gifts would you like to receive?

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The Adventuredawgs Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts for Adventurous Moms, perfect for hikers, backpackers, and adventurers!
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Mother's Day is around the corner, checkout the Top 10 Gifts for Adventurous Moms!

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Adventurous Moms

  1. Now these are gifts I would love to receive! I use my Kindle on flights all the time, it’s definitely one of the best travel purchases. I wish I could get the hang of the GoPro! It’s funny, I’m a photographer but unless it’s a DSLR, I just can’t seem to figure other cameras out!

  2. A Kindle is a perfect gift, I agree as it saves weight in the bag of a busy mum. I swear by packing cubes too, such a lifesaver. I haven’t used a Go Pro, but they sound handy too~!

    1. Go pros are the best, especially if you need to be hand free. They take video and still shots. I’m glad they came out with a more affordable version. Thanks for visiting and connecting.

  3. These are all great ideas. I don’t go anywhere without my Kindle, and a Go Pro is always perfect for adventure travel. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  4. My mom is 58 and the only thing on this list I can give her is the Ipad Mini. But I would love some of the others as gifts for myself. I carry a 35L backpack too most of the day and they are definitely a life saver for me. Need to get a go pro for myself.

    1. Yeah, it’s not for all moms, just the adventurous ones. My mom wouldn’t care for anything on here either except the iPad. She’s a girly mom lol. Thanks for commenting and visiting.

  5. As a person who loves camping and hiking, I can certainly appreciate the thought that has gone into producing this list. Any outdoor mum should be happy to get any of the lovely and practical items here to help her have an even better time in nature.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I’m thrilled you liked the list. I hope my hubby studied it really well too lol. 😂

  6. I haven’t gotten my mom traveling yet, but hopefully one day! If she ever does, I am so getting her anything to make her comfortable! Also the GoPro so I can film her hahaha.

  7. Great list to look up to anytime thinking of what to give away for mothers day or any such day. Generally I think the iPad mini stands out, hahaha!

  8. You have thought of some great gifts for an adventurous Mum, I swear by packing cubes! I also prefer a real book but Kindles are the best for traveling with carry on only.

  9. These are all good gift recommendations. My mother is not that adventurous but she will like some of these products. She would love to have the Patagonia Better Sweaters and some packing cubes.

    Iza c/o Fill My Passport

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