Scout’s Summer Vacation Part 1: Virginia is for Lovers


Woof Woof! This is Scout, and let me tell you about the best summer vacation that I could of ever had.

“Load Up!” for a Summer Roadtrip

Lucille the RV is ready to roll on our US summer road trip.
My favorite words: “Load Up!”

It started out as any of our weekend trips do. Loading up in the camper when all my family gets home from work, but this one was a little bit different. The camper had been at the regular house for several days prior to us leaving, which seemed odd at the time.  Every time I went out for a walk I tried to get in the camper but was told “not yet”.  Well I was finally told those magic words, “Load Up!”

Loading up the camper to head out with Scout and the Adventuredawgs on our New England road trip!
Scout and the AdventureDawgs are off on the next adventure.

There’s a Hippo on Board

Scout and the Hippo are happy to arrive at the Luray KOA Campground in Virginia.
There’s a Hippo in my seat!
Scout and the Hippo pointing the way to Luray, Virginia.
Scout and the Hippo pointing the Way!
MIA my cat sister is curled up on the bed in the camper ready to ride.
My sister MIA is ready to go too.

I tried getting up in my regular co-pilot seat next to Dad, but it was occupied by Uncle John (aka Hippo). What gives that is my spot!  It was ok though, since we were heading out in the camper to somewhere good.  Our stop for the night was at my very first campground! I love this place, as it has a big field and a hiking trail.  When we stopped, something did not seem right though. Nothing was being taken out of the camper as usual to stay for a while, so I started getting a little nervous.

Scout taking a short morning hike at Fayetville RV Resort before hitting the road for the next stop.
I love my morning hikes!

Scout Visit’s a New State: Virginia

Scout visits Virginia for the first time!
A new state!

The next morning we had breakfast and a walk on the trail, then loaded up again and took off.  We rode for what seemed like a long time, but it was really nice country to look at as we rode.

Scout lays his head on the back of the couch and pouts.
This is the longest car ride I’ve ever been on… great view though.

We ended up into the mountains in some place called Virginia.  We finally arrived at the next campground after the long ride. I know this, ‘cause Dad got out and went into the building so I jumped into his seat and patiently waited. I always stand guard while Dad is gone. I also saw the yellow sign when we turned in. I love the campgrounds with those yellow signs. (Mom says they’re KOA Campgrounds, I just think they’re awesome!)

Welcome to Luray Virginia, we are almost there.
Are we there yet?
Turning into Luray KOA campground in Virginia for a 3 day stay.
There is the yellow sign, finally!

Scout Loves #KOAcamping

We got to our site, and let me tell you it was the best place in the whole wide world!  I jumped out of the camper before the steps even came out, and went running through the grass. I walked around smelling all the new things along the fence and looked at the awesome mountains off in the distance. I hope we’re going to go hiking over there!

Scout the Adventuredawgs inspect our campsite at the Luray KOA Campground in Virginia.
Wonder if there are any squirrels here?

I inspected every inch of our campsite, filling my lungs with the nice crisp clean air. I have to make sure it is ok for my family. Finally, after a complete inspection, I gave it my full approval.  The best part was, there was no other campers around us at the time, so I did not have to stay on my chain. I could roam in our whole area! I used to run away when I was younger and first came to live with my family. Now I’m a good boy and stay where I’m supposed to so I don’t get in trouble.  I laid in the nice cool grass and took a nap, ‘cause riding makes me tired.

Scout makes sure his campsite is secure for his family at Luray KOA Campground in Virginia.
Gotta make sure it’s safe for my family…
Scout looks for squirrels at the Luray KOA Campground in Virginia.
What’s this?
Scout completes his inspection and gives his approval of our campsite at the Luray KOA Campground in Virginia.
Inspection complete, it has my paw of approval.

Scout is a Good Brother

A short time later my cat sister, Mia, came outside and was enjoying the cool grass as well. She loves to be outside too.  Then a mean bird started attacking her.  Well I am having none of that! I am the only one who can pick on her. I’m a good brother, so I chased the bird off and let her take a nap outside while I watched guard. No one messes with my family, I am very protective.

Scout relaxes at the Luray KOA Campground in Virginia.
I’ll stand guard for you MIA.

“Virginia is for Lovers” – Scout Falls in Love

Scout falls in love with Ruby and wants to play one last time to say goodbye.
Come on Ruby, let’s play!

The next morning I got Dad up early as I wanted to go outside and explore some more.  We headed to down to one of the best dog parks I have ever seen. What did I notice already there but the prettiest little red head coon dog that I have ever had the opportunity to lay my eyes on!

Ruby the Red Coon Hound poses for a picture for Scout to remember her by!
The love of my life, or at least my vacation.

Her name was “Ruby” and this boy was in love at first sight. I could not wait to get in the park and introduce myself the only way I know how.  She was the same size as me and loved to run and jump. We were a match made in heaven.

Scout gives in to Ruby and lets her win their wrestling match at the dog park in Luray KOA.
She knocked me off my feet with her beauty.

We both got tuckered out and had to go home for breakfast. As we left the park we made plans to meet up several more times over the weekend.  I guess they are right “Virginia is for lovers”.  I can’t wait to tell you about all the great hiking we done!

Scout and Ruby head back to the campsite for some breakfast.
Let’s head back for some breakfast!

Now my Mom has some stuff to add, but stay tuned for the next post from my first summer road trip!


Now it’s your turn! Scout wants to know:

Do you like road trips? Do you take your pets? Do you have any tips for camping with your pets?


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