Scout’s Dawg House:Scout’s First Hiking Adventure

Guy’s Camping Weekend

Hello everyone let me tell you about the great long weekend I had camping with Dad and Uncle Troy.  It started out not going so well when dad got up in a bad mood. I kind of understood why, since he had not been home much in the evening until very late. Everyone else had already gone to bed. Then Dad was up early on Thursday morning.

Guess I’m Not Going…

I watched as bags were packed and the cooler was loaded up with food, but no one was hollering “come on Scout”.  Everyone left for work and I was all alone with Mia. I guess we were sitting this one out.  Later in the afternoon while I was pouting about staying home, Uncle Troy came by. He usually just feeds and walks me, then goes back home. However this day was different! He came in, grabbed the leash and told me to load up.  OH boy, I was going somewhere!!!

Scout the Adventuredawg goes on his first hiking trip to Morrow Mountain State park in North Carolina.

We took a short ride over to Dad’s office. I saw the camper and knew we were heading somewhere.  Dad came out, we loaded up in the camper, and were off. I was wondering where Mom and Rhiannon were though.  I heard something about “Guy’s weekend” and thought, “I am a guy”. It must mean that Mia has to stay home with the girls, hehe.  I will miss them, even Mia (a little).

On the Road Again

Sycamore Lodge Campground

Our first stop was at one of my favorite spots, Wendy’s, for some fries, nuggets and a bathroom break.  We were back on the road and before long we were at our home campground, Sycamore Lodge. I love this place, since it is loaded with squirrels and I love chasing them. (They do get me in trouble as you can see here)  I got put out on my leash line as Dad and Troy readied the camper for our guy’s weekend.  We all sat outside for a while to enjoy the great weather. I greeted other campers as they passed by, took a walk, then we all went to sleep for the night.

The next morning I was up early and jumped up on Uncle Troy’s bed to see if he was up. I’m sure he wanted to go for a walk, since he takes me on some long ones to start the day.  When we got back, Dad was up getting ready to start some breakfast. Mine was already in my bowl waiting for me.  When I got ready to take the first bite I was thought, huh. There is something extra in here. I began to wonder what was up.  I kept hearing something about going hiking today. Dad gave me some Blue Buffalo Wilderness chicken roll with lots of protein. It really prepared me for the day of hiking.

Pisgah Covered Bridge NC

Scout the adventuredawgs hikes and splashes in the creek at Pisgah Covered Bridge North Carolina
There is something over here, I know it!

After breakfast, I loaded up in the truck and we were off for the day.  Our first stop was at the Pisgah covered bridge. I loved this place! It had a nice creek with big rocks that I could climb over and play in the water in for a while.  I splashed all over the place as it was starting to get hot already. We also took a hike around on the trail and over the bridge.  This place is outside Rockingham, NC and has Scout’s paw of approval for a great place to take your dogs and kids.

Scout the Adventuredawg poses with Dad at the Pisgah Covered Bridge in North Carolina on his Guys Weekend camping and hiking trip.
Look, that’s me!

Morrow Mountain State Park NC

Scout the Adventuredawg plays in the creek and hikes at the Pisgah covered bridge in North Carolina.
This is so much fun!

We loaded up in the truck and it was off to our final destination, Morrow Mountain State Park. I figured this was a good time for a nap. Dad brought my bed for the ride and I am so glad he did. (You’ll find out why later.)  When we arrived at the park, I was jumping around like crazy since I knew we were in the woods. I just love walking in the woods!  We went into the welcome center and met my new best friend, the lady behind the counter. She gave me dog treats.

Scout the Adventuredawg stops to smell the Mountian Laurels in Morrow Mountain North Carolina State Park on his guy's camping and hiking trip.
That’s a new smell…

Mountain Laurel Trail

Back outside we found a shady spot to have some lunch and drink plenty of water before our hike.  Now I had no idea what a hike was, since all I had ever been on was some long walks.  We started down a path and I led the way since I knew where I was going (not really). How hard can it be? Just stay on the path and they will follow.  I really enjoyed the hike since I could smell all sorts of new things! The Mountain Laurels were in full bloom along the path from the ranger station and environmental center. I’ve never smelled them before and love new smells.  We went up and down small hills, and along the ridge lines for quite. We took several water and jerky breaks along the way, since it was really hot outside.

Scout the Adventuredawg taking a break from hiking in Morrow Mountain State park in North Carolina.
Break time, where are the snacks?

Morrow Mountain Trail – Going Up!

Scout the Adventuredawg hikes up the Morrow Mountain Trail in Morrow Mountain State Park in North Carolina.
Going up!

We then got to the Morrow Mountain trail (they are not kidding about the mountain part), we started up a steep incline about 3 miles into the hike.  Dad and Troy had to stop a couple of times over the next ½ mile since they don’t have 4 wheel drive like I do.  Once we got to the top, there were some spectacular views of the farms and rivers below.  We went over to a picnic area and I had to lay down in the shade for a while to cool down. Dad had me drink plenty of water since he knew there was a downhill hike ahead.  

After a good long break, we went on the Mountain Top Trail, which circles around the top of the mountain before heading down.

Scout the Adventuredawg hikes the Mountain Top Trail at Morrow Mountain State park in North Carolina.

Scout the Adventuredawg poses with Dad at the top of Morrow Mountain Trail at Morrow Mountain State Park in North Carolina.

The downhill seemed to go a lot faster. It gave me time to chase lizards and toads in the leaves on the hike back.  Since this was my first real hike and it was hot out, I was starting to slow down. It was ok since they let me lead and go at my own pace.  When we turned the corner and I saw the truck, I thought I have never seen such a beautiful site!

Scout the Adventuredawg takes a break from hiking to the top or Morrow Mountain at Morrow Mountain State Park in North Carolina.

What an Adventure!


Dad started the truck up and got the cool air blowing. It was like heaven when I jumped in and curled up in my bed for the ride back to the camper.  I filled up on water and slept the whole way back.  Dad said I did a great job leading the way and setting a good pace for the 7 mile hike.  I was worn out, but after a good night’s sleep and some more Blue Buffalo, I am ready to go again.  I sure am enjoying this guy’s weekend!

Scout the Adventuredawg naps in his bed in Dad's truck after hiking the mountain at Morrow Mountain State park in North Carolina.
I’m done!

Stay tuned for day two of Scout’s Guys Camping weekend! Do your dogs like to hike? Where are their favorite places to go hiking and camping? Let us know in the comments. I always return my fan mail too! – Scout

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Scout from goes on his first hiking trip with Dad for a Guys Camping Weekend.

33 thoughts on “Scout’s Dawg House:Scout’s First Hiking Adventure

    1. There is nothing like being in the outdoors that can make troubles blow away. We love visiting state and national parks. Thanks for stopping by and connecting ❤️️

  1. Love hearing the dogs point of view. He sure had a lot of fun camping.

    1. Scout has quite the life! He currently working on a children’s book about his adventures! Thanks for reading!

  2. What a fun story, told from a dog’s point of view. Nice job & great photos … hope you get to take this type of trip again.

    1. We have an 18 day summer roadtrip planned to New England with losts of camping and hiking. scout won’t want to come back home lol. Thanks for visiting!

    1. Scout is half Lab but isn’t crazy about water lol. He’s weird when it comes to that. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Your adventure doesn’t look easy but I love the photos! Hiking is good for pets and humans, great bonding and experience!

    1. Yep, it’s great for exercise and family bonding. Hiking is good for kids too, both for excercise and confidence building. Thanks for your input!

    1. It’s a great park if you ever get the chance to visit. Scout said it’s also great for dogs 😀 Thanks for the comments.

    1. It’s so much fun. That a big reason we bout an RV so we could take our pets with us. Have a great day and thanks for visiting and connecting!

    1. Scout is always excited. They are our family and we love including them. Thanks for stopping by and chatting.

  4. Wow! so nice of you to include your dog to go out for a little adventure. I’m sure both of you had a lot of fun.

    1. We include our pets as much as we can. He had a ball and can’t wait for his next adventure! Thanks for connecting with us.

  5. Aww such a beautiful dog! Sounds like he had a brilliant time! The place looks lovely, great views!

    1. Thanks for reading and traveling along with us! My Scouts Park guide is coming next week so stayed tuned please. – Scout

    1. Thank you so much! We’re thrilled you liked it. Scout loves all of his fan lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. What a great read! Sounds like such a fun day! My furry buddy Dex would have loved to have been there. He’s got a bit of bush dog in him and loves when we get out of town and hit the trails or water. Look forward to reading more of Scout’s adventures!

    1. Scout says thanks for reading and he’s glad you enjoyed it. He also says hello to Dex. Have a good Friday Eve!

    1. He always has fun, especially when camping and hiking. Thanks for stopping by and Scout says hello too!

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