Scout’s Dawg House: The Dog Days of Camping The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post
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Hello everyone this is Scout, the adventuredawgs’ rescued fur baby who loves to go camping.

Friday morning was not your typical day at the house as all sorts of activities were taking place. The cooler getting packed, the suitcase cases and bikes were getting loaded in the truck, everything except my stuff to go camping!  I was thinking great! They are taking off on another motel trip. 

I’m gonna have to stay home again and wait on Uncle Troy to come by. So relegated myself to the couch to take a nap for the day. All things changed for the better when later in the afternoon my dad (Tom), came home early from work to let me outside to do my business. When I came back in, he opened the front door and told me to load up in the truck. Oh boy! We were going somewhere, and when I saw him coming out of the house caring MIA, my cat sister, along with my bed and toys, I knew it had to be a camping trip.  Sure enough, we went to Dad’s work and when I spotted the camper in the parking lot, I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. I started jumping around all over the place. MIA and I loaded up in the camper and I jumped up on the couch ready to go. Unfortunately, we had to wait a little while longer until Dad got off of work. I can have a little patience when I have to.

Dad came out a short time later, cranked up the camper, and we were on our way. Now my usual spot for the ride is in between the seats on the hump with my head on the dash being the navigator. My mom (Cheryl) had to work late so I thought since the passenger seat was not occupied, I’d jump and get comfortable. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post
Dad’s co-pilot

I had no idea which campground we may heading to but it didn’t matter since it had been several months since we had gone anywhere. I love to camp and don’t care where we are going as long as we’re camping and they have squirrels. My other job when we are traveling along is to point out the fast food places that serve French fries, such as Wendy’s and McDonalds. Dad always stops and gets me some but not this time for some reason. We must not be going very far.

 It turns out that we were just going to Mount Pleasant, SC.  I also have to let you know that I do not like heavy traffic and get very nervous when lots of cars are around. As was the case as we went through Georgetown, so I hopped down and went and laid on the couch to hide for a bit until the traffic cleared up. Then it was back in the co-pilot seat for me!

As we turned off the main road and onto the park entrance road, I immediately recognized this KOA as being one of my favorite camping spots. They have a large amount squirrels for me to watch and try and chase but can’t catch since I am on a leash all the time. I still try though and will pull whoever is walking me. Dad went in to check us in and as is my custom I always jump in the driver’s seat to protect the camper while he is gone. We were lead to our spot and what a great spot it was! I could lay out by the camper and look out on the lake. It was also right next to the nature trail, where I love to take walks. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post campsite
Home for the weekend. Boy I love camping. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post
What a view!

My dad busied himself with getting the camper set up while I was busy meeting the neighbors and looking for squirrels. I take my job as the Welcoming Committee seriously.

It was getting a little dark so I decided it was time to take dad for a walk on the nature trail around the campground. I just love this trail as I get be out in the woods and see deer, rabbits, a blue Herron, and sometime the Osprey that sits in the nest at the back of the trail. After the quick walk we came back and Dad got the fire going where I love to sit with my family at night, enjoy the cool night air, and quiet. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post
Sun setting on a great day of camping

A short time later Mom and Rhiannon showed up and all was right with the world. My whole family was together doing what we love to do, having an adventure. I’m so happy when all of my family is together I just run around wagging my tail so hard my whole back end wiggles. I also kept dragging my leash around and one time it got across the fire. Maybe if it melt it, I can go on an adventure by myself for a little while! Mom caught it as it happened and moved it. Maybe next time. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post campfire
A short time later I went inside and curled up on the bed with Rhiannon and got a good night sleep to ready myself for a big day ahead! The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post breakfast
Pancakes, coffee , and BACON!

On Saturday I took everyone for several nice long walks around the nature trail and the campground. I probably walked ten miles and was worn out when they all left to go somewhere, but that was ok because the bed was now all mine.  MIA and I slept and held down the camper and waited for them to get back which was late. I took another long walk and went to bed for the night. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post
My sister MIA The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post hiking
There is a squirrel here, I know it! The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post
Sunday I was up early and thought everyone else should be up too! So I did the happy dance (AKA the pee pee dance) until Mom got up and took me out for the morning business. When we got back dad was now up so he fed me, then he and I took off on a nice long walk and visited the dog run area.  I love this area in the park as I can run free, play and dig in the sand as well as get in the water and splash around. I love sand, my favorite is when I run really fast and kick it up behind me. It is almost as much fun as digging and I don’t get yelled at for running in the sand like I do when I dig. Oh yea it is great having my life!

We went back to the camper and it was not good. Things were being packed away and I knew it was the end of the camping trip. To my surprise though, it was not the end of the great day. I was loaded into the car and we headed to Jack’s Cosmic Dog, a pet friendly hot dog joint that has the best fries in the world.  I took a walk around then Mom came out with the dogs and a giant basket of fries!  Several people stopped by to rub my head while I was sitting there getting my fries and bites of hotdog. The Dawg House Dog Days of Camping post Jacks Cosmic Dogs
Eating fries at Jacks Cosmic Dogs

We finished lunch and headed back to the camper to load up and head on back home.  I got in my dog bed this time instead of the front seat cause it was time to pout since we were going back home. The only thing I don’t like about camping is having to go back home. MIA always hides when we get back but Rhiannon knows hers spot and drags her out from under the bed.

When we come home, MIA and I both are sad for a couple of days because we just love being in the camper and spending time with our family on our adventures. The life of an Adventuredawg is the best!

Until the next great adventure!



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    1. Camping is the best, it is amazing how much closer it brings the family together and how relaxing is. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    1. Scout says hello and thanks for commenting. He also says it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! lol

  1. This is such a sweet post. Loved the way scout has started connecting and sharing in this digital age 😀

    1. Thank you! Scout has become quite the Internet celebrity

    1. Thank you! It’s the best purchase we’ve ever made. Scout says thank you for the compliment too! Thanks for visiting and Happy Camping!

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