My Favorite Dog Breed: A Rescue Story

Rescue is My Favorite Breed

The idea for this post all started with a bumper sticker. I was sitting at a red light and on the back of the car in front of me was this sticker: Rescue/my favorite breed. Not only did it really touch me with its truthful sincerity, it compelled me to write a post around it.

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Charlie the Black Lab doing what he loved best, camping.
Our beloved Charlie in his favorite spot by the camper.

AdventureDawgs to the Rescue!

Scout, our resident dog blogger is a rescue. Scout is busy writing a children’s book about how he became an AdventureDawg and blogger, but we wanted to give you the human’s side of the story.


Charlie the black Lab horsing around, sleeping on his back like a person.
Charlie always slept like this. I woke him up taking the pic.

The story begins with another dog: Charlie, our beloved black Lab. Charlie was actually our son’s dog, a gift for Christmas when he was 12. Charlie was a gift to everyone, so friendly and never met a stranger.

Charlie was also the reason our son played high school and college football. Besides his family, Charlie’s favorite thing in the world was his football. When Tom was teaching our son to kick in the back yard, Charlie though it was for him and would rush to get the ball. This is what taught our son to get the ball off so quickly and ended up getting him a full scholarship to play college football.

Charlie the black Lab curled ont he couch in his blankets.
He loved his blankets almost as much as Scout

In June 2015, Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge after losing a battle to cancer. It was a devastating blow to our family. We still miss him terribly. Even our elderly cat MIA mourned him extensively.

Divine Intervention

Fast forward 8 months. Rhiannon and I were still grieving, but ready for another dog, Tom was not ready yet. Until he saw a Facebook post from a friend about a black Lab. She was in a North Carolina kill shelter and her days were numbered. He told me to go get her on my next day off.

The newly adopted Scout the rescue dog checks out his new furever home.
Scout the Black Lab mix rescue

As fate would have it, she had been adopted when I got got to the shelter. I had seen another dog on Pet Finder at a shelter in Georgetown. He was a black lab mix and I thought about going to look at him the next day. As I was driving back home, I decided to continue down and look at him that day. It was divine intervention.

St. Francis Animal Shelter Georgetown, SC

St. Francis Animal Shelter in Georgetown South Carolina is unlike any other shelter I’ve been to. It was truly a breath of fresh air after visiting the county kill shelter in NC. (I’m still scarred from that experience.) The staff is wonderful and loving, the shelter is so cozy and well cared for. The future pets are in rooms with beds, not kennels. They also have meeting rooms so you can meet and bond with your future fur baby.

They even have a foster to adopt program. You can take one home for 3 days after being approved, to see if the pet is a good fit for your family. This is especially helpful if you have small children or other animals in the house.

Scout the lab mix rescue sits pretty for the camera in his new home.
Sitting pretty for the camera

*Please consider either donating money to or volunteering your time at a local animal shelter. If you’re looking to grow your family, please “Adopt Don’t Shop”. You can even find pure breeds in shelters.

Love at First Sight

I called ahead and Scout was waiting for me in a meeting room. I walked into the room and saw this handsome boy. It was truly love at first sight. He looked like a smaller, leaner Lab with beautiful amber brown eyes. He immediately came over to love on me. He was also very playful, showing me his toys and playing with me for half an hour.

Scout riding home on adoption day.
Scout’s car ride to his furever home!

Scout’s Story

Scout was on his second round at St. Francis. As a young puppy, he was adopted by an elderly couple. He was neutered and even put through Pet Smart’s Puppy Training. Being a puppy though, Scout was (and still is) very high energy. He was just too much for an older couple. I give them credit for realizing it, and returning him to the shelter. It was meant to be, because I absolutely believe Scout was destined to be in our family.

Scout nesting on the couch in his blankets.
Scout loves his blankets!

I checked with the volunteers to find out about how he was with kids and other animals. I was especially interested in how was with cats to make sure he would be ok with MIA. I was told he shows no aggressive behavior at all, but does love to play. We’re an active, adventure loving family so that was perfect for us.

Scout cuddling with his dino at his new home.
Scout also loves his stuffed animals.

Scout was 18 months old and a ball of energy. He also loves people and other animals. He was meant to be an AdventureDawg!

Welcome Home

Rhiannon and Scout hug in the back seat of the car.
The best of friends already!

Scout was such a good boy his first night! He came right in and made himself at home. Rhiannon, like myself, was instantly in love. Tom liked him, but was cautious. Our house is kid and dog friendly so we invited Scout onto the couch where he happily cuddled with us.

Scout makes himself at home on the couch.
Scout makes himself right at home.

When it came time to go to bed, he curled up on the couch and slept through the night. It was the easiest first night ever with a new pet.

Scout and his new sister MIA napping together
Scout and his sister MIA the AdventureCat

The Transition: Here Comes Trouble!

Daddy's copilot in the RV!
Scout is Dad’s copilot!
Napping in the RV on his first camping trip
I really like camping!

Two weeks after his adoption, Scout went on his first camping trip. What an adventure that was! First he ran away at the gas station and we chased him around the parking lot. He thought it was great fun. Then he ran off in the campground. Finally, at 4am, he peed on the CO2 sensor in the RV, and the alarm went crazy. This scared all of us, including Scout, lol. Definitely some growing pains.

Scout drags his blanket all over the house.

Our family also loves to hunt. We had a taxidermy pheasant in MIA’s room, we thought out of the way of Scout. There is a baby gate at the door that used to keep Charlie out. It did not however, keep out our agile Scout! We came home to a proud Scout, because he gave in to his bird dog instincts and destroyed the pheasant. He couldn’t understand why Daddy was so mad! There were feathers everywhere.

Scout the Adventuredawg

Scout loves to cuddle with his family.
I think he wants Rhiannon to share her coffee.

It didn’t take Scout long to make the transition. He went from mischievous to well behaved in no time. Even Tom admits that he is the perfect fit for our family and has turned into such a great dog. Scout also discovered that he loved to blog about his adventures. In January 2016, was born and Scout is an integral part of it. He loves camping, hiking, breweries and all his other adventures. Scout enjoys his adventures so much, he had to help us blog about them!

Scout explores the Pee Dee River on a hike in North Carolina.
Trouble no more, Scout is an AdventureDawg!

Scout taking a break from hiking.

Who Rescued Who?

They call shelter pets “rescues” because their families rescue them from their situations by adopting them. I believe they also rescue us. We still miss Charlie very much, and he will always hold a special place in our hearts. But Scout rescued us from our grief, and helps fill the void left by Charlie’s absence. What remains are the great memories and love. Both the old times with Charlie and the new with Scout.

Scout opens one eye as i snap a pic of him laying on the bed napping.
You caught me napping!
Scout and Rhiannon cuddle in the camper
Who rescued who?
Scout curled and sleeping on the couch.
It’s tough being an AdventureDawg!


Have you ever adopted a shelter pet or rescue? Please share your stories with us, we’d love to hear them.

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  1. Scout’s a beauty!! My buddy Dex passes along a woof!
    I am constantly recommending people shop the rescues/fosters/shelters over the breeders, and it makes me happy to hear I’m not the only one 🙂 Fun post.

    1. Thank you! We advocate rescuing. So many pets need homes and they are wonderful members of the family. Scout send a high paw to Dex!

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