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New South Brewing Comp Myrtle Beach SC
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New South Brewing Company

Friday January 20, 2017

 Here at Adventuredawgs, we love craft beer. Visiting breweries and trying craft beer from all over the country, and the world, is an adventure. We are lucky enough to have an awesome local craft brewery right here in Myrtle Beach.

New South Brewing Company is a small, local, craft brewery located just a few blocks from the beach. They opened in 1998 with a mission to supply coastal South Carolina with fresh, local beer. Almost 20 years later, they are still doing just that. It is still a small operation although the tap room has expanded a little in the last few years and it gets a lot more crowded on Fridays. You now have to order your tour tickets instead of just walking in, but they still can their beer by hand two at a time and know their locals by name.

Drinking local craft beer at New South Brewing
Drinking local at New South Brewing!

We aren’t in town often on the weekends, but when we are, we can usually be found at New South along with Uncle Troy and our crowd of friends and coworkers. This week, they were tapping 3 new beers so we had to check them out.

Tom and I are big fans of coconut beers so we started off with the Monkey Melon, a coconut porter. I had been excited about trying it all week and it did not disappoint. It was a mild porter and the coffee paired beautifully with the coconut. I love coconut and it had plenty of the flavor without being overwhelming.

The second was the Hopperhosen, a dry hopped amber. I’m not into hoppy beers like IPAs but this one was perfect. The hops added a beautiful fruitiness to the malty amber. I should have brought a growler to take some home!

We finished up with the 2017 release of their annual favorite, Lily the Great, a Russian Imperial Stout named after the previous brewmaster’s daughter. It is different every year but always good and usually goes fast. This year had a lower ABV and not as much coffee flavor as previous years. I enjoyed it as always and can’t wait for the barrel release of it in the fall.

Trying some new beers is fun but I still love their flagship beers as well. Tom and I are really partial to the Nut Brown. If you’re just getting into craft beer, the White Ale is the perfect place to start. In the fall and into the spring (if there is any left!), the Octoberfest is always great. This year they did a barrel aged version that was only about 6% ABV and perfect! It gave the great flavor of the bourbon but without the strong alcohol bite some barrel aged beers have.

They offer tours on Wednesdays from 3-4 pm, just make sure to order tickets online ahead of time.  $7 gets you the tour, samples, and a pint glass. If you’re lucky they may even let you can one! A local food truck can usually be found at New South on Friday nights. They have special events every so often, but it’s just as much fun to hang out with Dave, Roddy, Allie, and the rest of crew any time. They are kid and dog friendly, there are always several kids running around. You may also spot a brew dog or two! Make sure you throw Harley his tennis ball. Bring a growler or two to take some great beer home.

We are so lucky to have an awesome locally brewery right here at the beach. When you check them out, don’t forget to tell them the Adventuredawgs said hello and if it’s Friday night, you’re likely to see us there!

It’s easy to turn a regular Friday night into an adventure. You don’t have to travel far or spend a bundle, they are waiting right around the corner. Visit a local brewery, restaurant, park, or landmark. Your adventure is waiting! Sláinte!

Live Your Adventure!


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