Local Adventures: Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival

Food trucks have become all the rage, with the more the better. From the food truck parks in Austin, TX to the over 500 food trucks and carts in Portland, Oregon. The Adventuredawgs are total foodies and we love food trucks. We were stoked to find out that they were having a food truck festival right here at home in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Nearby Charleston, SC has a vibrant and tasty food truck scene as well as an annual festival. Myrtle Beach decided it was time to follow suit and scheduled out first food truck festival for April 1, 2017!

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It was a perfect weekend to have the festival because along with the weather being perfect, it was also the first weekend of the state youth bowling tournament. There is always something going on at the beach and it’s nice to have options. Rhiannon had bowling at 11:30 and the food truck festival was scheduled for 11-7 so we planned to hit it up after bowling.

The Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival was held on the former Myrtle Beach Pavilion site, where they also hold the Native Son Salt Games and Carolina Country Music Fest in June. The day was sunny and warm with a nice coastal breeze blowing. Finding a place to park near downtown can be a game in itself, but luckily we found a spot. There is usually always parking available in the Pavilion Parking Garage right next to the festival site. You should plan on paying to park but the good news is, the entry to the festival was free!

We arrived about 3 p.m. and it was packed. I was really happy to see the good turn out because that means there is a good chance they will have the event again. There was a band set up at the end opposite the beach with a local bands: Paul Grimshaw Band and Tru Sol, as well as multiple food trucks, carts, and tents, and other vendors.

Growing Pains

We passed a friend going into the festival who told us they were out of beer. Oh no, major emergency! Once we got into the festival grounds, we were a little surprised at the length of the lines! They snaked down and around, twisted into each other, and blurred together. We walked around to get an idea of what was available and saw to our disappointment that almost every truck was out of at least half or more of their menus.

We ended up deciding on the Benito Wood Fired Pizza Truck for Rhiannon and the grilled cheese truck for Tom and I. They had a bacon and gouda grilled cheese on their menu that sounded pretty good. Always one to get distracted, I also spotted the Diggity Doughnuts Truck (tent) out of Charleston. These are incredible donuts and we stalk them every time we are in Charleston.

We decided to divide and conquer so Tom waited in the grilled cheese line, Rhiannon hit the pizza line, and I headed for the donuts. The donut line was the shortest line of the day. After grabbing the donuts I hit the beer tent and was happy to see they restocked and had decent prices and choices.

PBR Р$3   Coors, Mich Ultra, Yuengling Р$4    Leinies Shandy, Sweetwater 420, Redds Apple Ale, Sangria Р$5

I got lucky upon returning and found 3 empty seats. Rhiannon made it through her line in about 30 minutes. Tom spent at least an hour in his line that was moving as slow as molasses in winter. He still did not have food but had to go back and stand by the truck to wait on it to be cooked.

When he finally returned to the table, Rhiannon’s pizza was long gone and we had tasted all of the donuts. Tom told us they were out of bacon so I had a “gouda” grilled cheese, he got a pizza grilled cheese, and an order of chicken and waffles. In reality my grilled cheese was on plain cheap white bread with barely one slice of cheese that was definitely not gouda. Tom’s was cheese and pizza sauce on cheap white bread but did taste better than mine. The chicken n waffles was ok: a decent but cold waffle with a chicken finger. The thing that annoyed me most of all was that since they were out of bacon, they could have cut the price or added more cheese and they did neither. Tom said all their ingredients were Great Value. Rhiannon did say her pizza was good.

The Diggity Doughnuts were good as always, their donuts are like thick fluffy funnel cake and they were making them hot to order right on site. We got a Key Lime, Pink Panther (Raspberry and champagne glaze), Salty Spud (Dark chocolate glaze with potato chips!) and my favorite the Nutty Rooster (Peanut butter glaze with Siracha drizzle). Seriously, these donuts will change or life, or at least your day.

While Tom was in his endless line, I got more beer and hit up the Fillipino Tent for Lumpia (pork spring rolls) that we delicious and at only $2, the best deal of the day. I found out they have a restaurant in Conway, SC and have to go check it out. Rhiannon spotted a cupcake truck , which was in an awesome vintage travel trailer. It was so cute! The red velvet Rhiannon got must have been good too because by the time I finished talking to the owner, the cupcake was gone! The last thing we hit up was the King Pop cart. King Pops are also from Charleston and they are the most refreshing gourmet craft popsicles. Tom had chocolate sea salt and I had sweet tea lemon and they were yummy as always.

Overall it was a fun afternoon. The negatives were just growing pains that I’m sure will be worked out and improved if they continue the festival, and I really hope they do. If you look on the positive side, they ran out of food because they had a bigger turn out than expected!

Have you ever attended a food truck festival and how was your experience? Do you enjoy eating at food trucks, either at home or when you travel? Please share with us in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Local Adventures: Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival

    1. So do we! The pizza was good and the donuts were incredible! Hopefully they will continue it next year. Charleston SC also has a festival in February and they have some really great food trucks. Thanks for visiting and commenting! -Cheryl

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