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Confessions of a Travel Addict

Now that we know each other a little I have a confession to make: I am addicted to travel! When I’m not traveling I’m thinking about and planning my next trip. I don’t discriminate – short weekends, daytrips, staycations, or weeks away, I love them all.

Here at AdventureDawgs, we believe that everyday can be an adventure. Life is precious and short and you should make the most out of it! That means not just taking a single vacation a year, if that. What is up with Americans not taking their vacations? As a proud patriot, I believe we are the best country in the world, but we could really take a page from other countries when it comes to taking vacations.

“Living Your Adventure” is about seizing any and every opportunity for adventure no matter how big or small. You don’t have to travel a long distance and/or take time off work. You can find adventure in your backyard, home town, or surrounding area. You just have to get out and look for it. There is a whole world out there just waiting for you and you can start in your own small corner of it!

Adventure is defined as an unusual or exciting experience. You will be amazed that you can find both of these things without having to travel too far, it just takes some research and planning. We all love the long adventures away but at best you only get one or two of those a year. Filling in the gaps in between with the smaller, shorter adventures allows you to “Live Your Adventure” by working them in weekly, monthly, whatever works best for you.

Although we now live in a bigger city, we grew up in small towns. When you grow up in small town USA, you get creative with things to do. One of the best things about small towns and big cities alike is there is usually always a festival or event going on. If not in your town, then one a short drive away. The Spring and Fall are pretty much filled with festivals and fairs. I love that you can check out and support local vendors, artists, and musicians at these events. You may even get to try some new foods and drinks, some of my favorite parts about traveling. New food/drink = unique/unusual experience = adventure! See how easy it is.

We are also big supporters of local, state, and national parks. Even most small towns have city parks and generally there are state and national parks within a short drive. One of the best travel values in my opinion, is a state and/or national park pass.  These usually run about $75-$80 annually, which I think is a small investment for all the use you can get out of them. You can take a day trip to hike, bike, or just picnic. If you have more time take a weekend and camp. You get educational benefits as well, which is good for adults and children alike. Lots of parks have historical significance, and unique flora and fauna. The National Park Service locations include more than just parks. They have a multi-agency pass called America the Beautiful and it is good for Bureau of Land Management, Forestry Service, and other US Dept. of the Interior Agency sites. If you want more information on this incredible travel deal, please check out this post Annual Park Passes. You get the added benefit of supporting your local and national natural and historical resources. If we do not support them and teach the coming generations to, they will not be here.

So now you have a little overview of how to live an adventurous life. I will be elaborating more in future posts and going into further detail so please check back often. Better yet, sign up for the newsletter so you never miss a post!

Live Your Adventure!

– Cheryl

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