Junior Adventurer: Orlando Trip

Orlando Trip Day 1: Universal Studios



This time our adventure was a nice trip to Universal! I’m not really a roller coaster person, but I like Universal because I love movies and that is all that it has is real stuff from movies. The ride I always want to ride is the Simpson’s ride. Even if you have to wait a short time in the line, they have plenty of cool stuff to look at. My favorite part before the ride is when you’re in this room and Bart Simpson shows up with his family and says jokes while you’re waiting. Of course, this time it was shut down for renovation.

Simpsons Universal Studios Orlando
The Simpsons, my favorite ride. Afterward have a Flaming Moe!

The good thing is all the Harry Potter rides and shops were open. I love the movies, when we went the last time my mom and I got wands. The new parts are so real! My favorite part in one of the movies is when it shows George and Fred’s shop. They had it in the new section.

Weasley's Wizard Shop Diagon Alley
The Weasley’s shop, I want a pigmy puff like Jenny!

The new ride is better than the first one. The first one is not meant for kids. It is very scary. All the new stuff is all kid friendly, the dragon is awesome.

Gringotts dragon
The Gringotts dragon, isn’t she great?!

There’s also all the old rides. I love the Disaster Movie Ride, it’s like you’re really in the movie. The last trip my dad, Tom, got picked out of the crowd to be in the movie!


Overall, it was a good visit and next time I will definitely ride the Simpson’s.


Orlando Trip Day 2: USA Bowling


We were in Florida because I had a bowling tournament. The bowling alley had 80 LANES! The alley also had a game room that was about ⅔ the size of Dave and Busters. Even though we were all nervous we were super happy to get the chance to go to that bowling alley.

Boardwalk bowling Orlando
Boardwalk Bowl: Such a cool bowling alley

My team is the best, they all did an amazing job given that we have never done anything like that before. Saturday wasn’t our best bowling day, but Sunday we were on fire. All five of us beating as many teams as we could. We were so good we battled it out with a great team for first place. You should of saw us when we got our 2nd place trophy!

USA bowling 2nd place
2nd Place: Stop, Drop, And Bowl! We’re bringing the trophy back to Myrtle Beach!

All of us were sad we had to go, but I wouldn’t want to do with any other team. My best friends did the best job ever, I had fun!

Live Your Adventure!


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