How to Save $ for Travel Series:Gas Points

How to Save Money for Travel Series Part 1: Work Those Gas Points!


Remember the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned”? Well the AdventureDawgs believe in that wholeheartedly. The more travel hacks we come up with to save money, the more money goes in the Travel Jar to take more adventures! We will be doing a series of posts for saving money for travel, and our first travel hack is: Work those gas points!

*We were not compensated for this post in any way, all opinions are our own. However we aren’t opposed to a sponsored post for things we use and love! (Hello Kroger, hit us up!) how to save $ for travel series : gas points
Heavenly Savings at the Pump!

We LOVE Kroger. It is hands down my favorite grocery store, and out of the other available stores in our area, I think they have the best gas points program. This is one of the reasons why we love them so much:

We gassed up our RV and truck for  the other day. You really can’t beat getting gas for $0.97 a gallon! Have I sparked your interest yet? Here is how it is done. savings at the pump
Sexy savings at the pump!

For the month of January Kroger was offering double gas points* all month, so for every dollar you spend you get 2 gas points. We average about $50 a week in groceries with double points = 400 points a month or $0.40 gal off.

*The double points special was with a digital coupon. Sign up for emails, download the app, then load the coupons to your card! Too easy. You can also log in online if you prefer not to add another app to your phone.

*Every summer from about May to July, Kroger offers a monthly digital coupon for double gas points on weekend days, Friday Thru Sunday.


Every 7 days, you can complete an online survey from your receipt to earn 50 points, giving you an extra 200-250 points per month or another $0.20 off.

Gift Cards: here is where we really work the gas points. Gift cards are always double points (Visa/Mastcards gift cards and Kroger gift cards excluded). Multiple times during the year, they will run them at 4 times the points.

*Sometimes this is only during weekend days, sometime it requires a digital coupon, and sometime not. Just check the email, website, weekly ads, app, etc. It is also usually posted over the top of the display holding the gift cards in the store.


Ok, I hear you saying “but I don’t need gift cards”. But you do my friends, here is the secret:

There are gift cards for almost everything. Love Starbucks? Buy a gift card and use it for the week for your coffee. You’re still spending the same money but it’s like cash back with the gas points! (If like our store you have a Starbucks inside, you would get double to quadruple when you buy the gift card, plus points when you purchase the coffee! Like you needed another reason to drink Starbucks?!)

Going out to dinner? We frequent Buffalo Wild Wings during football season because unfortunately, Cincinnati games are not usually shown in our area on regular cable. $50 gift card = 200-400 points! In one pop. That’s another $0.40 cent off a gallon!

We have Universal season passes and were delighted to find Kroger has Universal gift cards! Our next trip is set for February 11, 2017. Last weekend they were doing 4 X’s the points so we bought $100 gift card in preparation for our trip. It’s like FREE money!

Mega Gas Points Alert! Every other year, we spend Thanksgiving week at Disney in the Ft. Wilderness Campground (one of our favorites!) and 2017 is a Disney year. Kroger sells Disney gift cards for up to $500! Fast passes can be booked 90 days in advance if staying on property, so we need to buy our gift cards to purchase our tickets in September. We will be on the lookout between August and September for 4 times the points then will buy the cards. We will also buy cards in May to pay for our Disney camping. The way we have it figured, we will have massive gas points (at least $1 off) to use in the RV while on our summer road trip, PLUS at least another $1 off for the fall for our Disney trip in the RV!

*Gas points are good for the month you earn them and the following month for up to 35 gallons per use. You can use up to $1 off per gallon each time for up to 35 gallons. Don’t let them expire!

Think of it as a rewards program without a credit card, OR if you really want to rack up on the rewards, buy the gift cards (and groceries!) WITH your credit card. Then you get those rewards or cash back PLUS the gas points! Then you can just pay the card off before the interest accrues. Does this excite anyone else like it does me?!

It also becomes like a kind of game. How much can we save? How many points can we get, and how much can we double our rewards? How much MORE vacation and travel money does this give us?

I am most familiar with Kroger but most grocery stores offer some kind of gas rewards/perks. Take these tips and see if you can get them to work for you. Got any new ones or other tips for us, leave us a comment! Also, if anyone has questions, leave a comment. We’re always happy to hear from and assist our fellow travelers!

Until next time adventurers, work those gas points and Live Your Adventure!


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7 thoughts on “How to Save $ for Travel Series:Gas Points

  1. I live in Illinois, and you know we have all sorts of gas stations around but my favorite has to be “Speedway”. Something about their gas you know, any who, they DO have a little “rewards” card, and reading this makes me want to slap myself, I’ve been pumping gas there for 10 years now! All the times I’ve said “Oh maybe next time!” Excuse me while I go enroll to speedy rewards now!


    1. Awesome, thanks so much for visiting us! It’s the first post in a series so hopefully we can help save you even more.

  2. Great tips! When hauling our trailer camper, we use a ton of gas. We need all of the fuel help that we can get!

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