Dog Food Delivery NomNomNow Review

Meal delivery services for humans are all the rage right now. As a pet parent who spoils her fur babies like crazy, we were thrilled to find out about dog food delivery services as well! We are excited to present our NomNomNow Review and hope you find it helpful. This is the first in a series of posts and will take you from the order process, through the un-boxing, then to the first taste.

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AdventureDawgs review NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery starting with the Website homepage.

#NomNomNow Review – The Unboxing

I first found out about NomNomNow while attending the 2017 Blog Paws Conference. I was intrigued by the concept of dog food delivery and the friendliness of their representative. The more I found out about the brand, the more I liked what I heard.

Their food is fresh, never frozen, and human grade food you could eat yourself. It is also grown and prepared in the US. Meals are prepared weekly in their human grade kitchen. Each order’s meals are tailored to your specific dog, and are certified by their staff veterinarian, Dr. Justin Shmalberg. Dr. Shmalberg is also one of the top pet nutritionists in the country. Since are pets are like our kids, don’t we want them to eat as well or better than we do? NomNomNow is the answer. It only made sense for the AdventrueDawgs to do a NomNomNow review!

NomNomNow Review – Simple, Custom Ordering

The meals are individually packaged and portioned for YOUR dog’s specific needs. Accordingly, you start by setting up your pup’s profile. I loved how simple and fast the whole process was. Their website is professional and easy to navigate. Plus, who doesn’t love looking at pics of cute dogs?

AdventureDawgs NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery review step two, get your quote and enter your info.
Going through the simple order process

You start off by getting a quote for your pup’s veterinarian formulated food. It’s an easy to use form: just fill in your name and address, your dog’s name, current weight, goal weight, birth date, and activity level. You can tell that this is personalized, healthy dog food by all the information they take into account. The last thing you will do is select the recipe. They even have a vegetarian option! You get a quote for your custom dog food and right now they are even offering 50% off your first 2 orders!

AdventureDawgs get welcomed to the pack on the NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery review.
Welcome to the Pack!

Once you enter your delivery and contact info on the next screen, it takes you to the payment screen. Simply enter your credit card info into their secure form, and you’re good to go! The only difficult part is waiting until the following week for delivery 🙂

Being half Lab, Scout eats pretty much anything, but I went with the chicken recipe to start.

The Big Reveal – Un-boxing For Our NomNomNow Review!

The AdventureDawgs NomNomNow dog food delivery is here right on time!
Delivered right on time!

Since I am not in the weekly delivery area, Scout received a month’s worth of meals instead of a weekly delivery. That’s not a problem at my house, because we are masters of meal planning and freezing meals. The best part of NomNomNow is, all the hard work is done for me! No prepping, cooking, or packaging, it comes to me ready to freeze or feed.

Scout the AdventureDawg says stop taking pictures and open my NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery box please!
What is this?

I received my box right on time, Wednesday as promised. Scout was pretty excited as he sniffed at the large box. With his keen hound dog nose, he sniffed out the goodness because he wouldn’t leave the box alone!

Scout the AdventureDawg tries to figure out how to open his NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery box.
How do I open this?

It felt like an early Christmas as we opened up to see the goodies inside! What better treat for a pet parent than knowing you’re feeding your pet fresh dog food with all natural ingredients?

Scout's Mom loves that the packaging is all recyclable in the NomNomNow Dog Food delivery box.
I LOVE that it’s recyclable.

Inside the recyclable packaging was a treasure trove of cooked to order, human grade dog food. They even make it easy to transition your dog to eating fresh food. Along with my full serving packages, there were preportioned packs to feed for the first week. This helps my dog transition in a healthy way to his new food. Of course, I also love the fact that they are veterinarian formulated.

Scout the Adventuredawg's NomNomNow meals are perfectly prepared and portioned.
Look at all that yummy goodness.

Take a look at each package and you can see that it is homemade, REAL food. All the ingredients are recognizable because they’re gently cooked to retain their nutrients. You know what you are getting because with NomNomNow, you can actually recognize the fresh, real ingredients.

Unboxing Scout the AdventureDawgs NomNomNow dog food delivery box.

“Nutrition you can see, health you can count on!”

In addition to the regular and transition meals, our NomNomNow dog food delivery box also came with samples of all the other recipes! Scout was so excited by the box and the way it smelled, that I gave him a sample of the Chicken Chow Wow that night. He loved it so much he tried to lick the aluminum off the bottom of his dog bowl!

Nutrition you can see in the preportioned NomNomNow dog food delivery packages.
It’s great when you can recognize all the ingredients. Doesn’t get healthier than that!
Scout the Adventuredawg couldn't wait for his NomNomNow meals so Mom gave him a sample!
Mom couldn’t wait to give me a taste!

He is always excited for meal time, but the next morning Scout was literally jumping and spinning waiting to start his NomNomNow review in earnest. My happy puppy gobbled up his NomNomNow like no tomorrow. He will be thrilled to get more for dinner.

Scout the AdventureDawg licks his lips and wishes for more food from his NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery review.
More please!

Scout’s Dawg House:

NomNomNow Review from the Dog’s Perspective

Mom came home with a big box today. She was talking to me and sounded excited. Usually that means we’re going somewhere!

Mom put the box down so I went over to inspect it. What’s that smell?! It smells like food. Hurry up mom and open that box! I sure hope it’s for me.

There are lots of little bags inside the box and they all smell yummy. I see my mom take them out and put them in the big cold box in the kitchen. Guess they weren’t for me. Wait! Mom takes a small pack and puts it in my bowl. I’m so excited I push her out of the way to get to it.

Scout the AdventureDawg gobbles up his Chicken Chow Wow from NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery.
This is the best food ever!

This is so good and it tastes like the people food I sometime get. (Mom says I’m spoiled, can you believe that?) I better eat it fast before they change their minds. I sure wish there was more, I’m going to lick my bowl really good to get all the flavor out of it. I really hope I get some more of those yummy little packages.

Scout the AdventureDawg gives puppy eyes as he wishes for more Chicken Chow Wow from NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery.
Please can I have some more?

NomNomNow is Fresh Dog Food, Delivered!

We hope you enjoyed sharing our behind the scenes unveiling of our delivery and the first part of our NomNomNow Review! Scout is happy because he will be eating extremely well for the next month as we give this a try. I am happy because I know he is getting the healthy dog food he deserves.

The prepackaged, portioned, and prepared meals from NomNomNow Dog Food Delivery go into the freezer for later use.
A month of meals, in the freezer! How easy is that?

If you’re interested in knowing more, visit NomNomNow on their website as well as follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube.

Have you ever tried a dog food delivery service or would you? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks as we check back in for the midway point. Until then, here are some other posts you may enjoy!

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This is a sponsored post, we were provided with a month worth of meals and monetary compensation for our honest opinion of the product. We never recommend anything we don’t use and love! The post is paid for, but our opinions are not.

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Dog Food Delivery_ NomNomNow review by Scout and

Dog Food Delivery_ NomNomNow review by Scout and

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