Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing

Mt. Pleasant, SC

What happens when an Aussie, a military brat, and two badass women come together in historic Charleston, SC? Craft beer magic, that’s what. In the ever growing number of craft breweries popping up in the Mt. Pleasant/Charleston/N. Charleston area, Two Blokes Brewing is one of the standouts.

We were in Mount Pleasant for the weekend at the Mt. Pleasant/Charleston KOA to attend some soccer games. No Adventuredawgs trip is complete without at least one brewery visit, and this weekend was no exception. Since there are always new breweries popping up in this area, and our favorite Frothy Beard had not opened their new location yet, I turned to my trusty Untappd app for guidance.

Several little red pins showed up, with 4 in close proximity between us and MUSC Health Stadium on Daniel Island. After checking each website, we decided to head to Two Blokes Brewing. Our good travel karma still with us, it turned out to be an excellent choice.

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC
Located on Long Point Rd in Mount Pleasant, Two Blokes is super easy to get to. They are a little hidden though. You’ll pass the building by Long Point Road and head back toward a shopping center type building of industrial businesses. The brewery is the second door you come to. They have lots of event so you can usually spot a hot dog cart or food truck out front to help with the navigation.

From the time you enter the front door, you feel at home. It is slightly modern in the industrial chic sense with a little rustic charm mixed in to make it nice and cozy. Two Blokes is the modern American version of an old Irish pub. The place to gather, where all are welcome: couples, families, dogs, singles, it is the place to be.

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC tap room
Awesome tap room!

I was really amazed at how the long, fairly narrow room was broken up into zones and conversation areas. You can belly up to bar with its magazine worthy décor and stunning artwork in the form of beer signs/labels. Get a table and grab a game for some socializing and competition with your beer. Long day at work, relax in the comfy sofa area with a pint. Did you bring the littles? They will be thrilled to play in the “Half Pints” area with tables and activities sized just for them.

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC half pints
Family friendly, Half Pints area
Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC family friendly
This is the coolest!


Brewery Beginnings

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC craft beer
I just love this tap room.

Brittany, wife of one of the blokes, was happy to sit down with us and kindly give us the story behind the beer. Even though they were pretty busy, she easily managed to give us an informal interview while still slinging beer and serving her customers.

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC bar area
Decor by Brittany
Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC bar art
Art work by Sean

The Story Behind the Beer

Why the two “Blokes”? Because Matty, the bloke who brews, hails from Melbourne Australia. Besides being an accomplished home brewer, Matty also studied brewing at the Siebel Institute of Technology, America’s oldest brewing school! As fate would have it, he moved to the Charleston area from New England in 2007.

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC Brewery
Marty’s tools of the trade.

Bloke #2, Sean grew up a military brat living all over, but claims Texas as “home”. He also did a stint in the military with the Coast Guard (thank you for your service Sean!), got a degree from Hawaii Pacific University, then ended up in good ol’ Chucktown.

“The Blokes” also have two incredible, beer drinking women in their lives. (Who could ask for more than that?) You can’t beat women who work their tails off helping their husbands realize their dream of opening a brewery.

Brittany, Sean’s lovely bride, can be found behind the bar with a smile and a pint. Originally hailing from Connecticut, she’s a College of Charleston grad and has been in the area for over 12 years. That makes her a Lowcountry local in my book. Even if the beer wasn’t so awesome (which it is), it would be worth a visit for Brittany’s smile and bubbly personality. The beauty has brains as well! Besides being the beer goddess she is, she runs all the Blokes social media.

The woman behind Matty is just as rockin’ as Brittany. Hailing from New York’s wine country, Evelyn worked in the wineries giving tours and tastings. It was just a short jump from wine to craft beer. She loves sharing her knowledge and love of craft beer with others. Ladies, think you don’t like beer? Sit down with Evelyn and I bet she changes your mind. Let her educate you on what you’ve been missing! As if that wasn’t enough, she is also a marketing maven and mastermind behind the Two Blokes brand. The even have Women’s Beer Events! Genius!

With four amazing people like these four coming together, it was only a matter of time, planning, saving, and hard work before it all came together. Two Blokes Brewing brewed their first commercial beer in June 2016 and opened the doors to their amazing tap room the following month in July.

And now for the thing you’ve all been waiting for:

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC
Do you hear the chorus of angels too?

The Beer!

Dedicated bloggers that we are, we knew we had to try all 9 of their beers to give you, our readers, the most thorough review we could. (wink, wink) I know, what a tough job!

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC Flights
Flights of each beer

Publican – Pub Ale 5.1% ABV 39 IBUs

This is a British style pub ale that is a lovely light amber. This beer is light and sessionable. It’s not overly hoppy but just enough for flavor and aroma. It is smooth with a slightly floral note. I could drink several of these and I don’t typically drink lighter beers.

Liquid Lunch – Pale Ale 5.4% ABV 36 IBUs

Tom and I both really enjoyed this one. Another light amber, it smells of summer and fresh grapefruit. Just enough hops to give it character and impart that lovely, slightly sweet and bitter grapefruit flavor we love so much. I may have to bring a growler of this home with me.

Keep Calm and Saison – French Farmhouse Ale 6% ABV 26 IBUs

I’ll admit to up front, Saisons are not one of my favorite beer styles. If you like them, I think this is a great representation of the style: slightly sweet, a little funky from the wild yeast, with a slightly peppery finish.

Drone – Honey Rye IPA 7% ABV 85 IBUs

I’ve also admitted before my lack of love for most IPAs. This one intrigued me though, I love the spice character that rye adds to beer. I was right to be intrigued. The spice from the rye rounds out the hops, while the honey provides just enough sweetness to perfectly balance this beer. It also disguises its higher alcohol content well, slightly dry but without the sharp bite of alcohol present in some higher gravity beers. (Tom isn’t big on ryes so this was not a winner for him.)

Throat Charmer – Double IPA 8% ABV 90 IBUs

While I don’t typically like IPAs, when I do find one I like, it is usually a double. Matty is also a master of higher gravity beers. It is hoppy but not punch you in the face and it is so well balanced, the hops are more earthy and floral than bitter. I really liked this one.

Moustache Ryed – Black Rye IPA/Cascadian Dark 7% ABV 82 IBUs

This one had me with only the name. The fact that it’s a rye was a bonus. Tom and I both also tend to gravitate toward black IPAs and this was as good as I’d hoped. The sweet, dark malt married with the spicy rye and then rounded out by the hops. Matty is a master with his use of hops. This one will please a large range of people from the lovers of dark beers, ryes, and the hopheads. This one has something for them all.

Spilt Milk – Milk Stout  5.5% ABV 25 IBUs

I always save my darker beers for last, I like them better after they have warmed up some. This one was delicious and very true to its name. Similar to Terrapins Moo Hoo, it is chocolate milk for grownups. Sweet but not too much, notes of creamy milk chocolate with subtle coffee on the finish. Since it tastes like chocolate milk, does that mean I can have one for breakfast…?

Captain Bligh – Robust Porter 9% ABV 31 IBUs

This was billed as a porter with toasted coconut, vanilla beans, and cocoa nibs. It was heavenly but I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t taste the coconut at all. Coconut porters are one of my favorites. I couldn’t find the coconut but it was still a great beer. Again with the high gravity magic of no alcohol bite, yummy floral vanilla, dark chocolate, and coffee. One of my favorite flavor combos.

Brewventures: Two Blokes Brewing Mt Pleasant SC Capt Bligh Porter
Capt. Bligh Porter

We saved the best for last (and later, this one won the coveted growler fill to take home!)

Bushfire – Chipotle Amber 7.3% ABV 31 IBUs

This was the best pepper flavored beer I’ve tried so far. (Sorry to my old #1, a jalapeno cilantro pale ale) This was the malty sweet flavor you expect from an amber with a smoky, bare hint of heat on the back. This beer would be incredible with BBQ and in or with some chili.

Flights are $8 for 4 and each extra taster is $2. $18 to taste all 9 beers, which are delicious, is a pretty good deal to me. Our growler fill was $15 and totally worth it. As I’ve said in other posts, make sure you always keep an empty growler with you!

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting this brewery. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and you feel welcome from the time you enter the door. It doesn’t matter if you’re adults, children, or dogs, everyone is welcome in this family friendly hang-out. It beckons you in and invites you to stay awhile. Sip some beer, have some snacks or a meal from a local food truck, and play some old fashion board games. Or you can just have some great conversations with some of your fellow craft beer lovers.

If you’re visiting Mt. Pleasant or Charleston, Two Blokes Brewing should definitely be on your list, we can’t wait to go back.

 Until next time, Live (& drink!) Your Adventure!


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