Brewventures: Stone Mountain Brewing

Stone Mountain, GA

If you’ve been joining our adventures, you know we love visiting breweries. We also prefer to support eating and drinking local. On our recent trip to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, we were thrilled to find a local brewery/German Restaurant less than 2 miles from the park!

The Village Corner German Restaurant/Stone Mountain Brewing

After a day of hiking and adventure at Stone Mountain Park, we drove into the quaint little town of Stone Mountain Georgia to the Village Corner Restaurant. The restaurant sits at the corner of James B Rivers Dr. and Main Street. From the time you arrive, it’s like being in Germany. They are in currently in their third location, a beautiful building reminiscent of a large German home.

The Village Corner Restaurant, Bakery, and Brewery in Stone Mountain Georgia.
The Village Corner Restaurant & Bakery/Stone Mountain Brewing

A Piece of History

In 1974, Claus and Hilde Friese moved from Munich and Hamburg Germany to the United States. They decided to settle in Stone Mountain Georgia and bring authentic German cuisine to the wonderful little town. The Village Corner Restaurant and Bakery was born.

The charming restaurant is now in the hands of their son Carl, a graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary School with a masters in Fine Cuisine. Carl is the executive chef, creating German comfort food, beautifully presented in a cozy atmosphere.

Entering the bakery at the Village Corner German Restaurant & Bakery in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Welcome! Willkommen!

The Restaurant

The dining room at the Village Corner German Restaurant in Stone Mountain Georgia.
The cozy dining room

The Tavern

The bakery

When you enter the restaurant, the bakery greets you head on with a warm, sweet smelling hug! If you don’t have room for dessert after the ample portions on the restaurant, make sure to take some home to enjoy later! If you are a coffee lover like me, the Southern Pecan Coffee is to die for! Get one with your dessert, plus take a bag home to enjoy later. That’s what I did.

The Food

You cannot get more authentic than fresh, homemade German food made by Germans. I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Germany. I think it is safe to say, that outside of Germany, you cannot get a more authentic experience. They serve Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner. They also have banquet spaces available with several buffet choices.

Cheese Tray – local seasonal cheeses and fruit: a port wine cheese, a sage cheese, and a cranberry. They were all good but our favorite was the cranberry.

The cheese tasting appetizer at the Village Corner German Restaurant in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Cheese Tasting
Sausage Platter for 2 – it was plenty for the four of us. Bratwurst, weisswurst, smoked sausage, knockwurst, and frikadellen (German burger) with roasted potatoes, homemade sauerkraut, and mustards. The frikadellen was to die for! Perfectly seasoned beef and pork mixture, cooked crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The whole grain mustard was incredible as was the kraut.

Sausage platter for 2 at the Village Corner German Restaurant and Bakery in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Sausage Platter for 2
Gruyere Spaetzle – Craig and I adore spaetzle. This was perfection, buttery egg dumplings with sautéed onions and covered in melty gruyere cheese. The presentation was great too, with a fan of green apple slices on top.

Gruyere spaetzle at the Village Corner German Restaurant in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Gruyere Spaetzle


Something Missing: The Beer

The 5 bbl brewing system at Stone Mountain Brewing and German Restaurant in Stone Mountain Georgia.

In 2013, Carl decided something was missing. The Village Corner expanded to include Stone Mountain Brewing and they began brewing their own German style beers with some American influence. They currently have a 5bbl brewing system. They have 8-10 of their own beers and ciders on tap, plus several taps of popular German beers. Hopefully, Georgia will change their brewery laws in September 2017 to allow growler and package sales on site.

Tom had the Grapefruit Hefeweizen which was incredible! We’re big fans of grapefruit beers and this one was excellent. It was similar to a radler.

Craig ordered the Pilsner, which I’m normally not crazy about. This however, is what a pilsner is supposed to taste like! It was darker than usual but still light with the slightest hop on the end to give it flavor.

Beer flight at Stone Mountain Brewing and German Restaurant in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Beer Flight!
Stone Mountain Brewing beer menu.

I ordered a flight of six:

Peach Cider – OMG probably the best cider I’ve ever had, like a dry peach wine!

Hefeweizen – I ordered the Honey but they were out, it must have been as good as it sounded. The regular hefe was delicious, light with the slightest malt sweetness.

American IPA – As you know, I’m not an IPA fan and I wasn’t crazy about this one. I will say though, that fans of IPAs will love it. It was described as piney, but I got a funky dankness. I know lots of people who love these types of IPAs.

Oktoberfest – Marzen are one of my favorite styles and this one was lovely. It was a lighter version of the style and perfectly balanced. Not hoppy or overly malty. I could drink a ton of these. 

Nut Brown – Another favorite style. This one was very nutty but also light and smooth. Very sessionable.

Dopple Bock – My favorite of them all! A perfectly dark but not heavy dopple. I tasted molasses but without a ton of sweetness, finishing with the slightest of hops to balance it all out.

This was some of the best German food we have ever had! I was also thrilled to find a spaetzle maker in the bakery. I have been looking for one for a while, so this was a happy find. It was also a bargain at only $15 and included a bag of flour.

We took home a bag of goodies from the bakery to enjoy later: Hutzelbrot, Bienenstich, Fresh bread, goat cheese cheesecake, pecan gems, and a pretzel. We also got brewery shirts!

Having fun shopping at the Village German Restaurant and Bakery in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Fooling around!
If you’re in the area and love German food and beer, be sure to stop by. Tell them we said hello!

Where is your favorite German restaurant? Share with us in the comments!

Brewventures: Stone Mountain Brewing and the Village Corner German Restaurant & Bakery in Stone Mountain Georgia.

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