Brewventures: Dead Lizard Brewing, Orlando Florida

Eat & Drink Local

We love craft beer and visiting local breweries. This means we’re always on the lookout for one in the areas we visit. We planned to spend the weekend in Orlando to use our Universal Studios season passes. It only made sense to add a Brewventures side trip!

What’s in a Name?

When we researched Orlando breweries and found Dead Lizard Brewing, we had to check it out! It also helped that it was only 4 miles from our hotel outside of the Universal Gate. They are open until midnight on Saturday too. This made it the perfect place to visit after a day in the park.

Dead Lizard Brewing sign at the taproom in Orlando Florida.

Dead Lizard Brewing

Richie, one of the owners, wanted a brewery name that embraced their Central Florida roots. Sun and sand have been overused but Rich always had lots of lizards around his yard. The perfect central Florida brewery name was born!

We love unique and fun brewery and beer names. I will totally buy a beer just for its crazy name. Their lizard logo is awesome. They have great t-shirts but my favorite is the hand stamped logo in the tap backsplash!

The Adventuredawgs check out the handstamped backspash in the Dead Lizard Brewing taproom and taste some local craft beer.
Awesome hand stamped backsplash!

Brewery History – A Family Tradition

This brewery has the best back story of any we’ve been to. Beer is literally in their blood! We spoke to Dell, co-owner and father to Richie, the head brewer. Dell taught his son Richie to brew at 20 years old, just as Dell’s father taught him. Dell also taught Richie’s neighborhood friends who were interested.

Stickers for the beer fridge from the visit to Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.

Flash forward a few years. One of the Richie’s friends was so interested in the brewing process, he got a degree in it. Aaron learned the basics from Dell, then continued to Davis University. He earned a degree in Chemistry and Brewing.

Live music by Jessica Delacruz at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.
Live music by Jessica Delacruz, she has an incredible voice!

It was only a matter of time until the idea of a brewery bloomed. They moved into the building and started the process in 2014. They wanted to have several taps of their own beer available. They went through the lengthy permit process and opened in August 2016. The brewery is truly a family affair, with father, son, friends, and cousins all helping out.

The Tour

Even though we were later in the evening visiting, Dell kindly gave us a private brewery tour. We have done probably 40 brewery tours and this was the most informative I’ve ever been on. You can tell Dell is very knowledgeable and passionate about brewing. Most tours just point out the basic equipment and give you the names, but not Dell! He explained in detail malt and the malting process, hops and their use and purpose, fermenting and its process. He even explained how they clean and process their water, then add minerals back into it. I learned two new things about brewing that I’ve never heard on another tour:

  1. The mineral content of the water used to brew is different for each beer!
  2. The brewing tanks are cooled with glycol.

This was hands down THE BEST brewery tour EVER.

Attention to Detail

Back of the house on the Dead Lizard Brewing tour in Orlando Florida.
Back of the house! It doesn’t get fresher than this!

Dell told us they have their own hop farm in Ohio. Once a year they do a harvest beer. The hops are picked fresh, then trucked overnight, and used in the beer the following day. They brew the beer, keg it, and roll it into the cooler where it is piped into the tap room. You can’t get fresher beer than that! They are really dedicated to fresh, high quality beer. They want you to have the best beer experience possible. You can’t get a better, or fresher beer than straight from the source!

The Tap Room

One of the things we love about craft breweries is they are more along the lines of the pubs you see in Europe. They are a gathering place for the whole neighborhood. This means they are family and dog friendly and usually include local live music. The Deal Lizard ticks all these boxes and more!

The tap room is small and cozy but with plenty of seating. Richie’s two year old daughter was running around and dancing. There was the cutest little dog curled up in a chair making himself at home. A pile of board games in the corner invite you to come in and stay awhile.

A dog curls up in a chair and makes himself at home at kid and pet friendly Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.

Live Music

Live music was provided by Jessica Delacruz. It was one of the best and most intimate live music shows I’ve attended. Jessica, her acoustic guitar, and her ethereal, soulful voice. No PA, no microphone. Her voice is perfection and her song list amazing. I was thrilled to hear rock classics mixed with new pop. I was especially impressed that she played several Fleetwood Mac songs, nailing Stevie Nicks while putting her own spin on the classic songs. She is an incredible artist, please check her out here.

Live Music provided by Jessica Delacruz at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.
The beautiful and talented Jessica Delacruz!

Food Trucks

They pair up with local food trucks so the food offerings are always changing. I love it because it allows you to eat and drink local at the same time! For times when there aren’t food trucks, they have sandwiches and packaged snacks available too.

The Service

Flights of craft beer in Progress at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.

We were invited to the bar by Sam, Richie’s cousin and resident beertender. Sam was so nice and friendly! Shortly after sitting down, we were also pulled into conversation with Dell and Dave. Dave is a regular Dead Lizard visitor and fellow craft beer enthusiast. He is also retired USAF, thank you Dave and all other vets for your service!

Sam the Beertender building our craft beer flights at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.
Sam the beertender building our flights!

*If you have a brewery and would like to be featured on our blog, please contact us!

The Beer

We saw on their website they had a key lime beer that we knew we had to try. They had 8 beers on tap during our visit. We were happy to see they offered flights of 4. Tom and I each ordered a flight so we could try them all. (For blog research of course! Lol) The flights were served on these cool pieces of slate.

* Tip: Looking for craft breweries in your area while traveling? Download the Untappd app! (It’s Free!)

Sam hard at work designing our craft beer flights at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida
Flight in progress!

Hazelnut Praline Chameleon Creamsicle Ale

This beer is divine. The first sip is like a nutty cream soda, without being overly sweet. It is smooth and creamy from the nitro. All the flavors are subtle and well balanced.

Hazelnut Praline Chameleon cream ale at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando, Florida.

Key Lime Chameleon Creamsicle Ale

We were so excited to try this one! First sip is creamy sweet vanilla followed by a light lime bite at the end. The key lime is very subtle but there. No one flavor is overpowering.

Purple Skink

While I’m not normally a fan of IPAs, this one is wonderful. At 65 IBUs, it has plenty of hops without being a taste bud killer. It is very sessionable. I love the citrus notes and smoothness of this beer.

Craft beer specials and events at the Dead Lizard Brewing Company in Orlando Florida.
Pretty, pretty hops!

Trippy Pippy’s Red Dread Ale

I love red ales and this one is delicious. It is so beautifully balanced you can taste both the malt and hops without one overpowering the other. It is smooth with subtle malty sweetness and a mild bitter hop bite on the end. This is another sessionable offering.

Uncle Pudgy’s Two Fisted Porter

This is a very light porter. You get smooth roasty malt but not a ton of coffee. It’s slightly sweet but not a desert beer. I like that even though it’s a dark beer, it’s not heavy.

Craft beer flights at at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.
Flight of Fancy!

Butterscotch Caramel Bliss Uncle Pudgy’s Two Fisted Porter

This one smells like a Werther’s caramel candy. At first sip you get light caramel/butterscotch followed by dark roast coffee. If there was a butterbeer coffee, it would taste like this. I really loved this one.

Komodo “Koko” Dragon Stout

I REALLY love chocolate, especially chocolate beer! This one is aged on pure coco nibs. It is not heavy at all but is definitely chocolate. You can also taste vanilla in there as well, with a light hint of coffee. Dell gave us some candied pecan to pair this with and it really brought out the flavors of both the beer and the pecans. They complemented each other perfectly. The cinnamon from the pecans really worked with the chocolate beer.

Coming soon, new craft beers for American Craft Beer Week at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.
Gearing up for American Craft Beer Week!

Anole Bourbon Nut Brown

The BEST bourbon beer I’ve ever had, hands down. Most bourbon aged beers are like taking a shot and the liquor conceals any flavor from the beer. Not so with this one! The earthy nuttiness from the brown is complemented on the finish with sour mash. You also get very subtle flavors or vanilla and oak. This is an incredible beer. I wish it was available on growler!

Speaking of growlers, don’t forget to take some home. If you didn’t bring a growler like us, they have them for sale. Pick up a t-shirt and stickers too. They are constantly brewing unique new flavors, so visit often.

Enter as Friends, Leave as Family

Dead Lizard Brewing Company are masters at subtle, smooth flavors. No flavor outdoes or competes with another. They all meld wonderfully to create incredibly smooth, drinkable beers. That coupled with the stellar service, comfortable tap room, and family atmosphere, makes Dead Lizard Brewing the perfect place to come and stay for a while. Bring the whole family, kids and dogs included. Richie, Dell, Sam, and the gang will make your family feel like theirs. I know we sure felt that way. We can’t wait to go back and see what they have brewed up the next time.

Craft brews on tap at Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida.

Have you been to the Dead Lizard? What did you think? What about any of the other Orlando breweries? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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The crew add a brewventures stop to their weekend at Universal studios, with a visit to Dead Lizard Brewing in Orlando Florida for some local craft beer and a brewery tour.

30 thoughts on “Brewventures: Dead Lizard Brewing, Orlando Florida

    1. We love visiting breweries. Most of them are family and dog friendly too. Thanks for reading, and if you check one out let us know how it was!

  1. Omg my mouth was literally drooling at how good some of these beers tasted! If I ever make it to the US I’m definitely putting this place on my bucket list!

    1. You should, it’s been one of our favorites! Give us a yell, we will meet up with you. If you’ve never been, Disney and Universal are must sees too. Thanks for reading.

  2. I really like their logo design. I’ll bet they sell a ton of t-shirts with that on it!

    1. Isn’t it the best? You’re right about selling a lot of showers too. We weee going to get one but they were limited on sizes. That just means we will get one next time! Thanks for sharing our adventures.

  3. I have always wanted to visit a brewery. Why didn’t I know about this one when we lived in Orlando?! I’d love to try all of the fun different flavors!

    1. This is a great first brewery to visit. Their flavors are fun and subtle. It’s a nice break from the parks too! Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend.

    1. The names are great. I will totally buy a beer because of a cool name or label lol. Their beers are really subtle too. Perfect for non-beer drinkers. Thanks for visiting! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. I love how Dead Lizard Brewing Co. is a family-owned business. Dead Lizard looks like a very chill and inviting place to hang out with friends. I like going to places that feature live music, too. It just makes the entire experience so much more fun!

  5. I’m not really a beer lover, but it’s become so popular now I feel like I’m missing out! Didn’t realise it was also a thing in Orlando, I’ve recently done a post about there too, wish I knew about it before!

    1. Craft beer is huge and so much fun to try different styles. I wouldn’t drink beer if there was only Bud or Miller. All the different craft styles opens them up to all different tastes. Dead Lizard is a really good starting point to get into craft beer! Thanks for reading.

  6. Breweries are super popular here in SoCal, especially San Diego! This one looks so awesome. Seems like a very family friendly vibe, dogs included!

    1. It’s very family friendly and so much fun. Breweries are becoming popular all over the US. I’d love to get out and visit some of the Cali ones! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. This looks like a really great day out. I have never visited something like this before but I would love to! Will have to keep this place in mind

    1. It makes a great break from the theme parks, but is still fun for the kids and dogs. They have a stack of board games in the corner. It’s fun to sit and play while enjoying some great beer. Thanks for sharing in our adventures.

  8. Wow that looks like a fun and delicious place. I love breweries and crafted beer. They taste is always different. Here in Europe we have many as well.

    1. I know! The original craft beer 🙂 I can’t wait to get over there and try some. We’re open to any suggestions you may have on the best ones to hit. Thanks for adventuring with us!

    1. If you like cider, you would like the Hazelnut. It’s very light and creamy. Their flavors are so subtle and balanced. I even liked their IPA and I usually don’t care for them. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. We have been to quite a few breweries on our travel (and quite a few wineries for my wife) and I agree that eating and drinking local is great. I love your enthusiasm in this post.

    1. Thank you! Craft beer is definitely a passion for us. My husband doesn’t drink wine, so unless my brother in law is with us, I don’t get to visit wineries lol. Thanks for the lovely comments!

  10. This is right up my alley. I always tour local breweries when I travel as well. This one looks like a great family owned place. I love the names of the beer too, how fun! Thanks for the tour.

    1. This is an awesome place! Happy to connect with a fellow craft beer fan too. Thanks for joining our adventure!

  11. As a Brit who recently spend 6 months touring the states, I really was taken aback by the microbrewing culture there. Certainly, it is a great to explore the cultural backdrop of a place and really, they are some of the best beers I’ve ever tasted. As something of a stout connoisseur, The Komodo Dragon seems like my kind of drink

  12. We too love craft beer and never miss a good pub or a brewery wherever we go! We haven’t been to USA yet, so thanks for this post! I love their logo! So quirky!!! Good to know its open so late as well!

    1. Yeah it’s the best. If you make our way, let us know we will show your around. I can’t way to explore the breweries across the pond someday!

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