5 Reasons to Visit the New County Fair at Carowinds Theme Park

Exploring the New County Fair at Carowinds!

Carowinds: Where you can ride in 2 states!

Theme Park Addicts

If you’re regular readers of our blog, then you know we love amusement parks. We have season passes to both Universal Orlando parks and Carowinds. We will also be visiting Disney for Thanksgiving week this year!

Entering Carowinds theme park to check out the new County Fair section and

The New and Improved

We were thrilled to find out that during the off season, Carowinds put in a whole new section, including four new rides! I know you’re all dying to get the details on the rides. That meant that just for our awesome readers and fans, we had to make a trip.

Mother’s Day weekend seemed perfect, since we usually camp that weekend anyway. If you didn’t already know, Carowinds has an awesome campground: Carowinds Camp Wilderness. If you want the best Carowinds experience possible, stay here on your visit.

Here are 5 reasons (and one bonus!) for why you should get your ticket right now to visit Carowinds and their new County Fair section of the theme park!


The Adventuredawgs visit the new County Fair section at Carowinds theme park of the Carolinas.
Welcome to the new County Fair!

The County Fair!

Step back in time to a 1950’s Carolina County Fair. From the time you enter this section of the park, you know it’s something special. Fun 50’s music plays through the speakers, adding to the atmosphere. There are two new quick service food stops and sites that feel like you’re really at the county fair. They have also added 4 new rides, with something to fit every thrill level.

1. The Food

It's not a trip to the County Fair without funnel cakes at Carowinds them park.
It’s not the fair without funnel cake!

Funnel Cakes & Fair Fries

One of the best things about a county fair is the food. They really stayed true to the feeling with their two new quick service windows. They serve up two of the most iconic fair foods: Funnel Cakes and Fries. It’s just not a fair without fried food! You can also grab a corn dog to go with your fries.

Checking out the Fair Fries in the new County Fair at Carowinds theme park.

The Rides

Step right up for your tickets at the County Fair in Carowinds Theme Park of the Carolinas.
Step right up!

2. The Zephyr

This fun fair classic is perfect for almost everyone. It offers low key thrills while giving you some great views. The swings spin in a gentle circular wave to the bee bop of 50’s tunes.

Swinging around on the new Zephyr ride at the County Fair in Carowinds theme park of the Carolinas.

3. The Rock N Roller

Who doesn’t remember riding the Himalaya at the fair as a kid? It’s back and better than ever as you spin in an undulating circle to some 50’s rock n roll! This one really took me back to my teenage years.

Shake, rattle, and roll on the new Rock N Roller ride at the County Fair in Carowinds theme park.
Shake, rattle and roll!

4. The Do SI Do

If you want to step up the thrill level a little, the Do Si Do is for you. Tom said it was the Scrambler on steroids lol. This was our favorite of all the new rides. You spin in two directions while increasing in height. To add to the fun (or freak out your riding partner) rock the car back and forth as you fly!

Spining on the new Do Si Do ride at the County Fair in Carowinds theme park.


5. The Electro Spin

For the major thrill seekers, look no further than the Electro Spin. This floorless gondola spins in all directions while lifting you high in the air. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! I’ve never spun in so many directions at once, but I loved it!

Twisting the day away on the new Electro Spin ride at the County Fair in Carowinds theme park.


Bonus! The Flying Cobras

A Carowinds classic got a new makeover with a paint job and new name! The former Carolina Cobra is now the Flying Cobras. The ride looks great with its new face lift and is just a thrilling and fun as ever.

Riding the renamed Flying Cobras at the County Fair in Carowinds theme park.

Fooling around at the County Fair in Carowinds at some of the photo ops.
First place!


*Tip – Get there when the park opens and head directly to the new area. This will give you at least an hour to ride all the new rides before the lines get crazy. Also, the lines clear out for about the last hour before park closing. The first hour and the last hour are the best times to avoid lines!

See you next time at the County Fair in Carowinds theme park of the Carolinas!


We had a great day at Carowinds, as always. We rode all the new rides multiple times, plus all of our favorites. We also checked out the Taste of the Carolinas event going on, stay tuned for that post. I hope all the moms out there had a Happy Mother’s Day with their family like I did.

Your Turn!

Have you been to Carowinds and if so, what is your favorite ride?

What is your favorite theme park?

Do you buy season theme park tickets and if yes, where?


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5 Reasons to visit and explore the new County Fair section of Carowinds theme park in North and South Carolina USA.


Until next time, Live Your Adventure!


38 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Visit the New County Fair at Carowinds Theme Park

  1. What a great sounding fair and I love that it is across two states, imagine being able to tell people you took a ride from one to the other 😉

    1. They are all lots of fun. The Electro Spin is pretty thrilling! I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but once it started, I had a blast. The anticipation is one of the best parts of thrill rides. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

  2. It is perfect weather for a theme park.Ours has a special that we need to check out.

    1. You’re so right, the weather is the best this time of year. They are also less crowded if you go before the schools let out for summer. We buy season passes every year. If you go two or more times, it really saves you money! thanks for stopping by.

  3. That electro spin scares me just looking at the photo! My husband would love that though. Sounds like a fun place with the 50’s music playing.

    1. It scared me when I first got on it lol. Then I laughed the whole time. The music and vibes are awesome. Like going back to an old fashioned country fair.

  4. What fun to be reminded that each summer there are a few fairs to take in, making memories for everyone. I prefer watching the kids to actually going on the rides (my tummy doesn’t like sharp ups & downs). The food is good too as long as you can share as you want to taste everything … while avoiding too many calories.

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to avoid calories at the fair. Sharing is a great idea. We did the same thing Pike Place Market in Seattle. Plus, you walk a lot in the parks lol. Have a great weekend!

  5. I love those prices and the idea that you can be in two separate states. The place looks nice and clean and like so much fun.

  6. I have never been to a country fair before. It looks great! There are so many rides to choose from and they are so cheap that I would probably try them all.

  7. Se manifique views and vibes. I love the photo journal & descriptions! makes me wanna hop on a plane right now hahah
    this looks like so much fun tho. would love it

    1. It’s an awesome park. We love using our season passes. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I would love to visit a country fair like this. We have a theme park near us that we visit but it lacks the country fair atmosphere.

    1. It’s a cool addition to a great park. Our daughter actually likes Carowinds better than Universal.

    1. Yep, I think there are a lot of people who go for the food lol. It’s fun to splurge every now and then. Carowinds has some great events that are food related and always delicious.

  9. Carowinds Theme Park looks like it’s a lot of fun! My kids LOVE going to carnivals and fairs. My teen daughter is very big on riding the thrill rides. I think she would like the Flying Cobras. Funnel cakes are my favorite thing at carnivals/fairs. 🙂 There’s just something about carnival funnel cakes.

    1. We love this park, our 13 year old daughter loves it too. Cedar Fair has multiple park all over the US, you may have one near you and they are all excellent parks to visit. Thanks for reading.

    1. Haha, aren’t they the best? You can get all kinds of yummy toppings on them too. Have a great week!

  10. Now this looks like a lot of fun! It would be super awesome to go here with the family this summer especially if you have kids old enough to enjoy all the cool rides!

    1. It’s a great family trip for the summer. They have a Snoopy area with lots of rides for little ones too. Thanks for reading! Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. This has got such a homely and old timey feel to it. I love the ferris wheels and the fair fries. They look cool 🙂

    1. It is very homey and old fashioned. Fair fries and funnel cakes are the bomb too! Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed Sunday!

  12. I love amusement parks and fairs! It is always fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves and yes, fair food is amazing!

    1. My husband and I are big kids at them too lol. We even visit them when we don’t have the kids with us. The Cedar Fair family of parks are so wonderful, we’re lucky to live close to one. Have a blessed Sunday Echo! My favorite Mad Mommy!

    1. We’re going back this Friday. It’s fun for the adults as well as the kiddos. Have a blessed Sunday!

    1. It is, the north and South Carolina line runs through the middle of the park. It’s pretty cool. That’s awesome he loves geography. We do too, and history. Our daughter can look at a blank US map and tell you every state and Capitol. They just don’t teach that in school anymore which blows my mind.

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